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On Sunday 19th August 2012 the University of Adelaide will be having an Open Day and I will be attending as a guest of Body painter extraordinaire Wendy Fantasia.

No, I am not going back to University to study – I am going to study anatomy for a day with the help of Wendy.  There is NO way you would get me there if it was real body parts that I would be looking at!

I am going to be covering the Faculty of Heath Sciences Open Day as they are going to help the public explore the human body through the creative use of body painting.

Wendy is originally from South Australia and has a background in graphic arts and worked in the Advertising/print field for many years before branching out and exploring the art of body painting.  She has been extremely successful and her work has featured on the cover of Illusion magazine ( a Worldwide publication) and she has won numerous awards including first place in the Australian Body Arts awards which were held in Daylesford Victoria in April this year.

Photo: We won! 1st place! Beautiful work, Wendy.. and thanks for the choreo Sofia :)

Illusion magazine Edition 16                               Tim Tam Studios


On Sunday Wendy is going to be painting the internal organs as close as possible to the  accuracy of size and position within the body on her models.  This is going to require considerable skill and she has been preparing with the help of the University with reference diagrams to make it anatomically correct.  She will also have the help of Associate Professor Mounir Ghabriel (an expert in anatomy) on the day to ensure the depiction is accurate.  Professor Rob Fitridge will also attend later in the day to draw on an aortic aneurysm near the kidney to show what this looks like.

The departments of Nursing, Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine and Psychology are all involved and some of the medical students will be painting arteries and veins on members of the public to show the interconnectivity of the muscles, arteries and nerves.

I am sure that it is going to be a fabulous day and I am really looking forward to sharing the photos and video with you next week.


If you are in Adelaide I would love to see you there.  Here are the details:


Adelaide University Open Day

When:  Sunday 19th August 2012  9.30 – 4.30  (painting from 10 – 2.30)

Where:  Barr Smith Lawns – enter from Gate 9 off Victoria Drive


Have you ever attended a body painting event?  Have you ever tried it yourself (as either an artist or Model?)


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    How interesting! I love all types of art and this looks quite difficult, because the canvas is the human skin. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos on how they paint the internal organs externally 🙂 Have a great time!

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      I am so excited about seeing Wendy in action. I used to work with her in Advertising and have followed her career with interest. I am totally in awe of her work and she is just the most down to earth person. Can’t wait to share it all with my followers. xx PS I love your site xx

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        You have a lovely blog Kate! It’s great to mix it up with beauty and lifestyle post. I like to follow blogs that write different topics. Thanks for dropping by my blog site too, always nice to know who is reading Sewislife 🙂