Adelaide Beauty Conference 2012


What a brilliant day the first day of Spring 2012 turned out to be.

The weather was superb and I got to experience what it is like to be part of a beauty blogging community in person – in Adelaide – and not from behind a computer!!

It was with some trepidation that I headed to Media Makeup Academy at the allocated 12.30 timeslot.  It is easy to be forthcoming and friendly when you are communicating with people online, but it can be a totally different experience when you meet in real life – but I had no reason whatsoever to be nervous – I was met with smiles all round.

It is really funny that you feel that you know your fellow bloggers even though you have never actually met.  You know them through their blogs, tweets, facebook, or youtube so you instantly have common ground – and a lot to talk about.


ABC2012  programme


I absolutely love the gorgeous personalised name tags.  It is proudly hanging in my office where I can see it whilst I am writing blog posts and will remind me of the lovely network of people that are here in Adelaide and are happy to share their knowledge with me ‘the Nanna’ of the group Smile


Watch my video for a summary of my feelings about this wonderful day:


Australian Born & Bred–Adelaide Beauty Conference 2012



The food was absolutely sensational – the cakes were from Cupcake Treats and the savoury was from Zed’s café.  Just look at the size of that cupcake!!


Yummy cakepops DSC04221

We were given a tour of Media Makeup Academy which was extremely interesting.  They offer brilliant training for makeup artists and even have a course on prosthetics!   I am definitely visiting them again to explore their range of Makeup Forever cosmetics as they offer the full range and offer free shipping on orders over $200.


Our first speaker was from haircare brand EVO.  They are proudly South Australian and have a wonderful range of hair and beauty products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free.  They are sold exclusively in Salons and their philosophy of telling the truth without the use of gimmicks is something that really impressed me and I am looking forward to exploring more of their range.




We were next treated to a wonderful talk from The Purist company which involved some hands-on experiments.

Test tubes at the ready


I was really impressed with their philosophy of only using the finest ingredients once they have been proven to work.  They follow the rule of skin efficacy without the side effects which is something that really resonated with me.

Moisturiser and flowers


In the experiment above we were asked to feel the difference between Moisturiser A and Moisturiser B.  Everyone in the room could feel the difference between the 2.  The natural/pure moisturiser was much more nourishing and felt more luxurious on the skin – I know which one I would rather put on my body Smile

I left that session feeling excited about how great the Australian skincare industry really is.  I am going to investigate our wonderful Australian brands as I really believe we have Companies here which can stand up against the well-known International brands.

Then the Beauty Games began!

We were split into groups of 5 for a game of Beauty Pictionary.  As I am the world’s worst at drawing I was quite happy to delegate that task to one of my other team members.  The drawer was given cards which had Australian Beauty Brands on them and she had to draw them.  It was a lot of fun but was harder than it looked.  Try guessing something like Mirenesse!  How the ……. do you draw that??????

The winning team were fantastic and were ably led by the lovely Sarah from


We were then introduced to two lovely guest panellists, Melissa from and Christina from The Hungry Australian.

They were there to discuss the question behind why we blog –  is it for fun or for money, and is it possible to do both?

Our committee chair and ‘Energiser Bunny’ Celeste from Becoming Beautiful was also included on the panel and all three of them made extremely valid points regarding both sides of the argument.  I learnt so much from these wonderful women that I hadn’t really considered and am eagerly awaiting the video so that I can revisit their points going forward on my blogging journey.

Before we knew it, our time was up and we were rewarded with the most amazing bags of goodies to take home.


ABC2012 goodies


As you can see, we were absolutely spoilt by the wonderful sponsors.  You can review who they were by checking out this post.

I must pass on huge thanks to the committee of Celeste from Becoming Beautiful and Travelling in Mary Janes, Stacey from Add to Cart, Stephanie from Jeneara and Sherry from  Your drive, persistence and passion is extremely infectious and I cannot wait to meet with you and the other lovely Adelaide Beauties in the near future.  xx


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      Thanks so much Kristy. I had such a great day and cannot wait to try all of the fabulous products that were so generously given to us. x

  1. says

    Great post, Kate! I wish I could attend an event like that, too, it seems like you could learn a lot!

    Love that goodie bag you got too, are you going to do a post on exactly what was in it? Looks epic! 🙂

    • says

      I was pretty nervous about not knowing anyone but I learnt so much and met some wonderful people. Bloggers are the most friendly bunch 🙂

      There were so many brilliant products in the bag that I really am in seventh heaven. I will definitely be posting about the contents in more detail as soon as I can. x

    • says

      Thanks Sarah. I have also photographed them individually so I can included them in future posts. I am going to start trying some of them this week – I just have to decide where to start!

      I went and did a test of the Face of Australia lipstick to check its colour as I thought it would be wrong for me, but it is so pretty that I think that it will work so I am going to crack it open tomorrow.

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      It really was an interesting discussion that the three of you had – I learnt just so much from you all and look forward to learning alot more over time.

      I was really overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of products that we were given but am loving discovering some new loves amongst them 🙂

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    Thank you for coming, Kate! It was really good to finally meet you. I’m really glad that we have such diverse ages and personalities in our group – it makes it so much more fun!

    So glad you enjoyed the day, it’s always nerve-wrecking planning a day like that, you worry whether or not people are going to think it was a waste of time!

    I’ll be in touch soon to arrange the October meet, can’t wait!

    • says

      I absolutely loved the day Celeste and everyone was so welcoming. Thank you once again for all of the work that you put into making the Adelaide beauty bloggers meetups happen. It is always a lot of work to do something like this and we all really appreciate all that you do.

      Looking forward to the October meet. 🙂