La Prairie Facial–True luxury


Recently I was sent an email from Rescu offering their readers the opportunity to try the new La Prairie range Advanced Marine Biology Collection.

As a huge lover of La Prairie I couldn’t resist the opportunity to indulge in a luxurious facial whilst trying their new range – even if it wasn’t at their new luxurious Spa at The Darling in Sydney!

I have only had 2 facials prior to this.

The first was at the age of 16 (far too many years ago to count) and the second about 4 years ago.

The second one was enough to put you off having facials for life.

Imagine being taken into a room under the stairs in a busy hair salon.

You could hear the chatter of the customers above the roar of hairdryers and being attended to by a Beautician who had applied far too much fake tan that I almost gagged through the whole experience.

The La Prairie experience could not have been further away from the horrors of my previous facial.

Upon my arrival at David Jones I was greeted by the lovely Ania who quickly put me at ease.  She started by asking whether I had tried La Prairie before and we discussed in detail my skin concerns and the benefits of the new Advanced Marine Biology Collection.


Advanced Marine Biology, a marine-derived skincare line, contains superior formulas and age-fighting benefits perfect for those who seek eco-friendly products.

An anti-aging complex, anti-oxidants and mega-rich sea nutrients combine to energize, protect and renew your skin.




I was then taken into the beauty room and was left to remove my jewellery and top and to put on a towelling skirt type contraption to cover my modesty.

I really showed my ignorance (even though Ania had clearly explained what to do) because when she came back she kindly rearranged it on me as I had put it on back to front!

How embarrassing!

I then climbed onto the bed and was covered with the most beautiful soft doona to be pampered for the next half hour.

Ania pampered me using the following products:

  1. Cleansing – Cellular comforting cleansing emulsion
  2. Exfoliating – Essential Exfoliator
  3. Refining – Cellular refining lotion
  4. Lips – Cellular Lipline Renewal Concentrate
  5. Eye massage – Advanced Marine Biology Eye gel
  6. Refining – Cellular refining lotion
  7. Massage – Advanced Marine Biology Revitalising Emulsion
  8. Mask – Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask
  9. Massage of my arms, hands and decolletage whilst the mask was working
  10. Removal of mask – Cellular refining lotion
  11. Serum – Advanced Marine Biology Tonic
  12. Eye gel – Advanced Marine Biology Eye gel
  13. Moisturiser – Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream SPF15
  14. Neck cream – Anti-Aging Neck Cream


One of my favourite parts of the treatment was the eye massage.

Ania used a 3 step process which included massage, using a light pinching technique and a light tapping.  This helps to revitalise and eliminate toxin buildup and I am sure that it was this along with the eye gel which made my eyes feel amazingly clear and awake.

The 30 minutes seemed to pass so quickly but I never felt that I was being rushed.  Ania explained what she was using and why she used each product, but there were a few times where I could have easily slipped into a light slumber.

I have never felt as pampered as I did during the treatment.

From the soft fluffy doona to the gorgeous aroma of the products, and the light hands of Ania I was in heaven.  If it weren’t for the faint sound of the busy department store in the background I could have been anywhere.

After I had re-dressed I met up with Ania to discuss in more detail the various products that she used.

I was very fortunate to be given a couple of samples to take home and incorporate into my skincare regime.


La Prairie AMB samples


I cannot rave enough about how lovely this facial was.  I walked away from my facial feeling beautifully nourished and glowing and my eyes felt the best they ever had.

If you are considering looking into the La Prairie range, please head to your nearest counter and ask the friendly staff for the best solution for your skintype and consider investing in one of their facials.

There are some fabulous packs that will be released for Christmas which I will be telling you about in future posts so make sure that you keep following my blog to find out more.


Have you ever had a facial?  what did you enjoy the most about it?


  1. says

    This sounds amazing! I haven’t ever tried La Prairie as my skin has been a bit sensitive lately and been reacting to almost everything (skincare wise, I will cry if makeup starts to affect it), so I’ve been very careful with what I put on it.

    I must say facials are lovely for relaxing and giving you that amazing glow!

    • says

      I know what you mean about being scared to try new things on your face – especially if it can be reactive.

      I have been lucky enough to try a few different ranges of La Prairie and I have not had one adverse reaction from any of their range. If you are considering looking into their range, I would suggest asking if they could give you a sample of the range best suited to your skin to try first and then you can try it before purchasing. The new Advanced Marine Biology range is much more affordable and could be the range that best suits you. Good luck. x

  2. says

    Sounds like a wonderful experience! So luxurious. I have only had one facial, by Chanel at Myer and really enjoyed it. I always find it hard to justify the price of a facial though. I always think I could buy a product that would last months for the cost of a 45min facial. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Stephanie yes I am the same when it comes to weighing up the cost of things like facials but alot of the companies such as La Prairie will let you redeem the cost of the facial against products.

      I think the cost for a facial at David Jones is $150 but you can use it towards a product or two that they used in the facial (or others that take your fancy). If you are planning on getting one of their moisturisers anyway I think it is a great way to treat yourself. 🙂

  3. Alie Dolphin says

    I also had the complementary La Prairie facial at DJs. It was heaven. I didn’t get those awesome looking samples you got though Kate! Just small sachets. I’m going back for a full hour facial next week though. And I do get to redeem the cost on products. So excited!

    • says

      I am so pleased that you enjoyed the facial. How exciting that you are going back for a full hour – what bliss.

      Do you know what product you are thinking of redeeming it for? Please post back after you have had it to tell me about it. x

      • Alie says

        I had my full hour La Prairie facial on Monday. Bliss! I was so relaxed at the end of it. That facial massage is to die for.
        The actual facial involved the 3 minute peel and products from the caviar range. The 3 minute peel is amazing, but so out of my price range as an at home product.
        All week my skin has been glowing. I can’t rave enough about La Prairie. My bank account won’t be thanking me, but now that I’ve discovered something that actually benefits my skin, I might actually save money as I won’t always be buying new products and leaving partially used products in my bathroom. I have oily/combination/sensitive skin and finding my holy grail products has been something of an obsession of late. The Advanced Marine Biology range really seems suited to my skin. I balances the oiliness, hydrates, and reduces redness. LOVE.
        At the end of the facial I got the AMB Cleanser and the AMB Tonic. Love the tonic, I swear it has reduced the redness on my face already, even though the SA said it could take up to three weeks.
        I’m definitely on the look out for La Prairie gift packs come xmas.

        • says

          Thank you so much Alie for telling me about your La Prairie facial – it sounds absolute bliss!!

          You are so right about all of the unused products that can accumulate in the bathroom when trying to find ‘the one’. I am unsure of your age, but I know that in my case (at the age of 43) that my skin has become a real focus for me as I am starting to see the early signs of ageing and I am definitely wanting to keep my skin as youthful as I possibly can.

          The Advanced Marine Biology range is absolutely beautiful and I definitely agree about the tonic. I don’t suffer redness but it is so refreshing and smells divine and leaves my skin glowing. I will, like you, definitely be checking out the Xmas packs as it is always a great time to buy cosmetics and skincare. 🙂