Breast Cancer awareness month

As you most of you will be aware, October is full of everything pink in support of breast cancer awareness.  As a woman I fully support the cause and like many, have been touched by breast cancer in my family.

I am so grateful that I can happily say that my darling Mum is cancer free after she had a lumpectomy in 1994 and that with regular check ups continues to be in great health.

Due to the family history I have a mammogram and ultrasound every year and I am always due to have this around about this time of the year.  My next appointment is in a few weeks time.

Whilst there is an element of trepidation when going through the various tests I always remind myself that it is better to be checked and if something is found it will hopefully be in the early stages.

I was going to write this post to show you a number of the beauty products that are supporting the breast cancer cause but would rather direct you to a brilliant service that helps breast cancer survivors cope with the rigours of treatment and helps them feel better about themselves.

The Look Good Feel Better Program was founded and developed by the cosmetics industry in 1990 and they give support to patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy to help them restore their self image and appearance whilst undergoing their treatment.

I love the idea behind their 2 1/2 hour workshops where they teach the patients tips on how to cope with their changing appearance related to their treatment and wanted to share this with my readers.

The workshops are run in most of the major hospitals and cancer care centres within Australia, and specially trained beauty professionals volunteer their time to teach the patients techniques to cope with loss of hair, changes to their skin and teach them how to apply their makeup to make them feel better.

I love that the participants get to take home a kit of skincare and cosmetics which have been donated along with a booklet which reminds them of what they have learnt.

I would love you to watch this gorgeous video which put a huge smile on my face

Have you been touched by cancer?  Have you purchased any ‘pink’ products this month?


  1. Trish Drinkwater (Trish_D) says

    Thrilled that your Mum is fine now, Kate. I can well understand your trepidation and you have my sympathy and admiration!

    My husband is coming up to the 5 year anniversary of the diagnosis of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, thankfully he’s in remission. We have been married 49 years.

    It is wonderful that the Look Good Feel Better program is so accessable.

    Lovely blog. Congratulations.


    • says

      Thanks so much Trish and I am thrilled to hear that your husband is doing so well 🙂 My best friends partner has just been diagnosed with Lymphoma and is currently waiting to find out what treatment he will need to undertake so it is great to hear of people who have survived it.

      Wow, 49 years is a great achievement!! We have just celebrated 22 years – we have a few to catch up to you. xx