Eyebrow disaster AGAIN!

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows.

As you would probably know, well-groomed defined eyebrows are one of the keys to  frame the face and make you look ‘complete’.

I know how important it is to have your eyebrows look perfect and I definitely want the attention on them and not my huge frown lines between them Smile

I have been growing my eyebrows for the last 12 months after an absolutely disastrous mishap where the Beautician waxed off a third of my left eyebrow!  I have been drawing it on for the last year and I was finally brave enough to try my luck again.

With trepidation I rang a Beauty Salon that had been recommended to me by my Boss and booked in on Thursday for my eyebrow waxing.

One thing I didn’t do though was ask who actually did her eyebrows.  BIG MISTAKE!

I was led into a lovely room and asked what I was looking for.  I told the Beautician that I had had a couple of really bad experiences and that I was nervous about getting a good result.

We discussed that I wanted a natural look and that I would need my eyebrows trimmed a little as they get a bit curly if they are too long.

The waxing was no more painful than any other time and we chatted whilst she was working.

It wasn’t until she wielded her tweezers that I thought I may be in trouble.

Numerous times I felt that she was tweezing my skin instead of my rogue eyebrow hairs but I didn’t say anything – I have a high pain threshold and thought that because I hadn’t had it done for a long time that I was just being a bit sensitive.

Look at what she did to me!!


AFTER – excuse the lack of makeup

All of those red marks under my eyebrow are where she tweezed my skin and drew blood!  This photo was taken two days after my appointment.

This happened on both of my eyebrows and I have been putting Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream on them since in the hope that they will not scar.

To add insult to injury my left eyebrow is much thicker than my right and I am either going to have to get them evened up or draw on my eyebrows again.

As I am getting older I don’t have as much eyebrow hair so there is a real possibility that the one that has been over waxed may not recover.

I can’t believe that this has happened and now feel that I can’t trust anyone to do my eyebrows properly.

What would you do?  Would you contact the Company and tell them how unhappy you are?  What would you expect the Company do to ‘compensate’ for  your unhappiness?

I would love to hear your thoughts and hear of any beauty disasters that have happened to you.


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    Oh no Kate! I am a strong believer in letting beauty services know when things like this happen. I think that if I was the owner I would want to know. Also often training is lacking in this area, if they know about it they can give the therapist better training. On the plus side the shape looks pretty good on that eye 🙂
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      I also believe that it is important to tell people when you are unhappy but as it is a smallish salon I feel a bit bad complaining. They deserve to know I suppose as I definitely won’t go back to have my eyebrows done there again!
      The Beautician has been working at that Salon on an off for over 7 years she told me. She has only just come back after being the Beauty Therapist on a cruise ship that went around the Mediterranean. You would think that she would know better.

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      It has only just stopped hurting – 5 days later. Luckily it looks like I won’t be too badly scarred. A couple of the larger cuts will take a few months to fade but the smaller ones are easily covered with makeup.

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      Yes it was pretty painful Sarah. I could tell that she caught my skin a few times but was absolutely horrified when I actually saw what she had done. When I was given the mirror to have a look I saw a few drops of blood but thought that it was just from the hair being pulled out by the root. My eyebrows were hurting much more than they usually do when I got home so I looked in the magnifying mirror and saw the carnage. I promptly put an icepack on and have been slathering it with Eight Hour cream and the redness is subsiding. I am also pretty upset at the unevenness between the two brows. I am too scared to let them near them again though so I will just have to grow out the thinner one (providing it actually grows back).

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    Your actual eyebrow looks really nice. As for the skin underneath, I’m surprised a beautician could make a mistake like that. I would send a photo to the owner. Hopefully it would at least help future clients if the owner took this up with her/his staff. As for compensation, unless there is scarring, I think all you could ask for is your money back. If they offer you a voucher to do your brows again for free, I’d turn that down. It’s like Mc Donalds replacing your bad coffee. The last thing you want is another bad coffee. I hope it heals up quickly for you.
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      Thank you for the compliment about the shape 🙂 I wouldn’t expect any real compensation other than my money back and have decided to email the owner with a link to the post so that she can see what has happened. I feel comfortable that I haven’t ‘named and shamed’ them but hope that they realise that this is not a good outcome for any of their clients.

      I love your analogy about bad coffee 🙂 I can assure you that I will definitely not let them near my eyebrows again.

  3. Georgina says

    Kate this is unacceptable. She would have known the instant she cut you and should have stopped. I would not hesitate to go back and complain. I was recently looking for a new therapist and had a fabulous experience at Endota Glenelg. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Fabulous environment and wonderful staff.

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      Thank you for the recommendation Georgie. I was lucky enough to be given a wonderful voucher to Endota at Marion for my birthday so maybe next time I build up the courage to have them done again I should look at having it done there 🙂

  4. melanie says

    ive only have my eyebrows done twice in my life and I am 25 now. I got them done terribly and then when I went back to the same person to get them redone she screwed up her nose at me and was like “OMG, who was the last person to do your eyebrows?” and i said “You were!”. Even she thought she’d done a bad job. I havn’t got them done since. i’ve tried a lot of times to grow them out and then pluck them myself but i can never get the shape right so im in the process of growing them out and then I’m considering going to a benefit brow bar to have them done as ive heard good things. Sorry this happened to you. Eye brows are tricky!

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      I am sorry to hear that you have had similar problems Melanie. I have heard great things about the Benefit Brow Bars but they don’t have one in Adelaide unfortunately. I try to ‘maintain’ my brows myself and only get them done professionally when they are really desperate. I am going to take recommendations from my blogging friends next time, and will travel to the other side of Adelaide if it means that I do not have a repeat of this! 🙂

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    Ohhh no 🙁 You poor thing. It looks so painful. Maybe since you have the shape, just use tweezers yourself. Just check once a week in natural light with a magnified mirror. Much cheaper and less painful.

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      I will definitely be doing the touch ups in between appointments – I just have to find someone I trust. I have a magnifying glass in my bathroom which I do my makeup in every day so I see every rouge hair daily. It takes all my might not to go crazy pulling them out!

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    OMG KATE! I hope your eye is doing ok now!
    I myself have had terrible experiences too over the years and now I only go and see Lucy and Aristocrat Beauty in Adelaide Arcade. It’s a one women show so you always know who your getting.

    I can not recommend her enough. She’s been open for almost 20 years. I have incredibly unruly eyebrows and she not only brings them in line but actually takes the time to ask and see what I want.

    I’ve had some bad experiences too but since I started going to see here since last July my eyebrows have been amazing. She also does my nails!

    Tell her Steph from Miss Pixie sent you when you call (if you do). She does everything by appointment.

    Hope your eyebrows are feeling ok now. Any damage up there is so painful as its such a sensitive area. Hugs

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      Thanks Steph – my eyes have recovered now but I am going to keep referring to that photo when I am tempted to go somewhere that hasn’t been recommended. I will definitely keep Lucy in mind for my next treatment as I think your brows are beautiful. I only went somewhere locally as I thought it was too much hassle to go into town – never again!

  7. Trish_D says

    Having been on holiday, I’ve only just seen this – Kate that is just awful!!!! I hope you are starting to feel better – I can’t even think how awful it must have been for you. I haven’t any answers but I wanted to add my support to the other comments and to say I’m sending lots of cyber space hugs.

    I hope the company realises how lucky they are that you are such a lovely person – many people would have reported them by now (not really sure who to) and honestly they deserve to be named. Thinking of you. I now understand just why I don’t have my eyebrows attended to!! Take care.

    With love,