Skincare regime–October 2013 till January 2014

One of the perks of being a beauty blogger is having the opportunity to trial lots of different products.

Some products like nailpolish and lipstick can be an instant like or dislike, but with skincare it can take a month or so before you have a real indication as to whether it suits you or not.  This is why I won’t review a skincare product unless I have given it at least a month’s trial.  Quite often it is much longer than that.

As it has been a while since my last morning skincare regime post I thought it would be interesting to give you a run down on what I am currently using.

Oct 13 - Jan 14 morning skincare products


A few month’s ago I purchased a David Jones sampler tote specifically for 2 products that were included.  One of them was the Dermalogica precleanse.  I had heard rave reviews about this deep cleansing oil and they are all well deserved.

I love the beautiful fragrance and how easily the makeup ‘melts’ off my face.  A quick rinse with water and I am ready for some more deep cleansing.


I have been using the Pevonia Botanica Dry skin cleanser for about 4 months.  It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised rather than tight and uncomfortable, which some cleansers have a habit of doing with my skin.  I love the pump on the top as it helps dispense the correct amount of cleanser to do your whole face.


I have recently discovered the Puretopia Refresh & Balance facial mist and toner and have already purchased 3 back up bottles from the recent Priceline 40% off sale.  I love that you can use this as a toner, to set your makeup and as a room refresher if you wish.

Another product that I wanted from the David Jones tote bag was the SKII facial treatment essence.  I have been eyeing off this for at least 3 years and just had to try it.  I drop about 3 drops into my palm and gently pat all over my face and it feels beautifully refreshed.

I loved it so much that when Marie Claire had sample bottles attached to it I purchased 3 magazines so that I had some back ups.  I will definitely be purchasing a full sized bottle once these run out.



A few months ago I was asked to trial the Lacura Renew Multi-intensive serum as part of the trial team for Beauty Heaven.  I was particularly interested in trialling this as we don’t have an Aldi in South Australia and I had heard great things about their skincare products.

This ridiculously cheap serum ($9.95 for 50mL) feels beautiful, absorbs quickly and leaves your skin with a soft silky finish.

I was late to the party but recently I have been LOVING the Indeed Labs Hydraluron that is universally loved by bloggers Worldwide.  Hydraluron increases your skin’s hydration and helps lock in moisture.  This has become a part of my morning and night time routines and I have already purchased a backup.


I love trialling Australian brands and am especially fond of Companies that use organic products and are cruelty free.  2013 saw the introduction of a new skincare brand – People for Plants.

I have incorporated the People for Plants eye cream into my routine and I love the texture – it is not a thick cream which means that it absorbs into the skin quickly but it still leaves a lovely moisturised finish.



As someone who is approaching my mid-forties my main skincare concerns are fine lines, loss of elasticity and a less than plump face.  When I had my Skin DNA tested it was found that I was prone to a loss of collagen so I am always looking for my moisturiser to address these concerns.

John Plunkett Collagen Lift Moisturiser

I was asked if I would be interested in trialling the John Plunkett Advanced Collagen Lift Moisturiser and was pleased to see that it included the ingredient Matrixyl 3000.  This had been pointed out to me by my skin dna analysis as an ingredient that would be worthwhile having in my skincare regime

Matrixyl 3000 stimulates natural collagen production, repairs UV damage and photo ageing, and restores damaged collagen so this addresses all of my skincare concerns.

So there you have it.  My day time skincare regime.

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your main skincare concerns?


  1. Melinda says

    I have not tried any of the products.
    I use Shiseido Benefiance creamy cleanser – the best! It even removes your eye makeup! If I do not want to do a creamy cleaner some days I use the Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter for sensitive skin by Clarins – the best foaming but not drying cleanser around IMO.
    I use Clinique’s old yellow Dramatically Different Lotion as it does not affect your foundation like many do.
    I have senistive skin so I stick to the ones that do not make my skin red and sore.
    I do not use eye creams as many “bug” me out and soooo sore- one time I had to go to the doctor because of an eye cream.
    Clinique’s DD moisturizer and Olay’s Night cream in the purple pot are so good that I can go over my eyes with them and I do not have any troubles!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your routine Melinda. I used to use the Clinique DD cream many years ago and I have heard that the new formulation is lovely. You obviously have very sensitive eyes so it is a good idea to keep creams away from that area if you regularly get troubled by them. Luckily I very rarely have any issues with trying new products 🙂

  2. Rose P says

    I bought some Hydraluron from Priceline in their 40% off sale. So far I’m really loving it. I’m using my ASAP Super B serum in the morning, and the Hydraluron at night. I let them soak in and then apply moisturiser.
    Are you using the Hydraluron as well as a serum, or in place of a serum?

    • says

      I’m glad to hear you picked up some Hydraluraon at the sale. It is definitely the time to get it 🙂

      I use the Hydraluron as well as my serum. I put the serum on first, Hydraluron and then my moisturiser. I hope this helps x

  3. Elaine says

    For my cleanser, I use Pevonia Phyto-Gel. It works well on my combination skin. Just recently, I started using serums as I heard serums are extra efficient in giving the skin the essential nutrients. La Mer moisturiser is an instant favourite. It’s really light on the face. The wrinkles are starting to show now that I am about to step on to my 30s so I might consider using Retinol. I heard there’s micro-retinol now from Pevonia which does the job without the redness and sting so I might try that. I’m scared of anything that stings because I feel like my skin will be burnt so wish me luck. I hope that’s a great product! If you try it before I do, please post a review!

    • says

      Elaine I have heard great things about the Phyto-Gel aswell and I am thrilled to hear that you love it. Serums are a great addition to your skincare regime and is something that I believe really help in keeping the signs of ageing at bay.

      I haven’t tried the Pevonia micro-retinol yet but it really appeals to me as I find a lot of Retinol products do make my skin sting. I have avoided them for that reason so it is great to hear of Companies that produce products that eliminate that problem. If I have a chance to trial it I will definitely review it 🙂

  4. says

    I am a regular reader of your blog, I always noticed that you have such a lovely skin, you are following such an amazing skin care regime. I am using SKI-II and found it great. I got 30ml sample in david jones sampler tote last year.
    faiza recently posted…Empties December/ JanuaryMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Faiza thanks so much for reading and for the lovely comment about my skin. I am lucky to have had a Mum who insisted on us looking after our skin from a young age so I have always taken care of it. It certainly takes alot more work now that I am nearly 45 but I think that it is definitely worth it. xx