LonVitalite 24K Gold facial mask

I’ve just celebrated my 45th birthday and today I looked every single day of it – and more.

I have had a dreadful couple of night’s sleep and the dark rings and dull skin that I woke up to this morning took quite some concealing!

So, I decided tonight was the night to try a new face mask that I was lucky enough to be sent last week

Lon Vitalite 24K Gold Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask $36 for a pack of 5


Lonvitalite 24K face masks will enhance micro circulation in the skin, promoting skin regeneration, improved oxidation resistance, moisture and nutrient penetration and retension, and a smooth, more even skintone.

What did I think?

  • I loved the cooling effect that I felt as soon as I placed the mask on my face.
  • The cloth that the mask is made of is thick and moulds to your face beautifully
  • The serum has no noticeable fragrance
  • I noticed a slight tingling for the first 10 minutes but didn’t find it uncomfortable – more like my skin awakening Smile
  • The face mask fitted my face much better than other masks that I have tried and I was able to walk around with it on without worrying about it falling off.
  • There was a lot of product on the mask upon initial application, but when I removed it after the required 20 minutes a noticeable amount of the serum had been absorbed into my skin.
  • Once I removed the mask and rinsed my face, it felt beautifully moisturised and I could have missed applying my night cream if desired.
  • Sitting here a few hours later the skin around my eyes and jawline feels more lifted and rejuvenated and I am looking forward to seeing how I look tomorrow morning after a good sleep (I am forever hopeful!!)

LonVitalite 24K facial mask

As someone who is severely claustrophobic I have always been a little wary of cloth face masks, but the LonVitalite 24K facial mask fits my face beautifully and I had no panic attacks at all Smile

You can purchase LonVitalite products here.
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Have you tried LonVitalite masks before?  Do you have a regular pamper night at home?


  1. Trish Drinkwater says

    Hope you are feeling better soon, Kate – I know what lack of sleep can do! I was about to rouse on you for saying you look every bit of 45 but kept reading and realised why. Good to have such a detailed and sensible review of something I’d never think of using unless it was recommended by someone trustworthy.

    Try to stay calm and have a good night’s sleep.
    Take care.

    • says

      Thanks so much Trish. I am sleeping much better now thank you and have used another LonVitalite mask this weekend as it was our sons 18th birthday and I looked a bit worse for wear last night. They make such a difference to the luminosity of my skin so I am absolutely loving them and can definitely recommend them xx