My Benefit Brow Bar Experience

After waiting for what seemed an age, I have finally experienced the Benefit Brow Bar!

And, the wait was definitely worth it.

Myer Adelaide has finally seen the arrival of the Benefit brow bar and they have been run off their feet.  People of all ages have been flocking to have their brows transformed from ‘now to wow’ and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

ready for my Brow Bar experience

I was offered the opportunity to have my brows done as part of the launch and as a diligent beauty blogger am going to share some very unflattering photos so you can see exactly what is involved.  And maybe have a laugh at my expense Smile


There are 4 wax stations which have the ability to have two brow experts working side by side


My brows were prepped by removing the brow powder and Gimme Brow that are a staple in my brow routine.

As you can see, I have sparse brows towards the tail and one of the reasons that I have to ‘draw’ my brows is I have a few grey ones!  I have no grey hair anywhere else – just in my eyebrows!

We discussed the best shape and decided that I needed some colour to add some extra fullness to my brows.


Now this is truly scary!

My husband thinks that I look like one of the Munsters!  I was thinking more like Groucho Marx.

I have vaseline over my forehead to protect my skin from becoming stained by the tint, and whilst that was developing a soothing eye mask was put underneath my eyes.

After about 5 minutes the tint was removed and the brows were waxed and plucked into my desired shape.


I find it fascinating that I have had waxing done and my brows actually look thicker!

I was thrilled with the end result and the slight redness that you can see from the waxing quickly subsided.

Benefit before & after

I can definitely see why they are the brow experts Smile

I chose a great day to come in store as it was the launch of the much anticipated Big Easy.

Benefit Big Easy

BIGGER than BB! Why? Two reasons. First, big easy balances moisture & controls oil. Second, the cushiony liquid-to- powder formula melts in like a cream, yet finishes lightweight & velvety like a powder.

I had a quick try of Big Easy whilst I was there and I loved the velvety finish that it left on my skin.

There are 6 shades to choose from so there should be one to suit most people.

I am happy to report 3 weeks later that my brows are still in great shape.  The tint is holding up exceptionally well and I have had only one or two stray hairs that I have had to remove.

This is a HUGE improvement on my past brow experiences so I am a definite Brow Bar Advocate.

I would highly suggest you head into your local Benefit Brow bar and experience it for yourself as I am seriously impressed.

Have you been to a Benefit Brow bar before?  How do you like to wear your brows?


  1. Christine says

    You look great! Definitely going to have to find the time to do this.
    Great too that the BB cream comes in six shades rather than the standard three. Wish more companies would do this.

  2. Kellie says

    The last time I was in Sydney, being the huge BeneFit fan that I am, I decided to have mine done. I loved the result. My only wish is that they open a BeneFit counter closer to where I live so I can have it done all the time!

    • says

      I am glad to hear that you had a great experience at the Benefit Brow bar in Sydney. I am going to have my next brow appointment in a few weeks as they are ready to be done again!