Max Factor 1970’s Beauty Transformation

Do you ever wish that you looked like someone else?

I haven’t – although I have wished that I could have Miranda Kerr’s body, Angelina Jolie’s lips and Kate Hudsons hair Smile

I am never going to have those things – but I do like getting inspired by photographs that I see in magazines, or makeup that I see on the big screen.

I am a lover of a beautiful natural face that is defined, so when I was asked if I would like to try some Max Factor products that are part of the ‘Modern Icons’ campaign I was definitely interested.

Led by Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath (@PatMcGrathreal), Max Factor is celebrating 100 years of glamorous transformations by recreating some of the most influential beauty looks of the past on creative inspiration Gwyneth Paltrow.



Gwyneth Paltrow: 1970s Beauty Transformation
Get-the-Look – Inspired by Farrah Fawcett

I was sent a parcel of Max Factor products that had been used to create the look on Gwyneth.

Max Factor - get the 70's look

Max Factor transformation

When I received the package I suddenly realised that I don’t own that many Max Factor products.  I’m not sure why I don’t but after trialling them I am definitely going to search out other products to add to this collection.

Max Factor 70's transformation

Eyeshadows in Burnt Bark, Savage Rose and Auburn Envy $12.95 ea

The eyeshadows have a sheen/glittery consistency which is not recommended for my age group but I am really happy to report that they looked gorgeous.

The three colours of Burnt bark, Savage rose and Auburn Envy work beautifully together and I have found myself regularly using them with other eyeshadows in my collection for different looks.

Blush in Mulberry and Classic Rose $21.95 ea

As a blush lover I am surprised that I haven’t used a Max Factor blush before – they are gorgeous.

I regularly wear two or more shades of blush each day so when it was suggested that Liz Kelsh used Mulberry as the base blush and then added the Classic Rose on the apples of the cheeks I was quite happy to follow suit.

My favourite of the two blushes is the classic rose as it is a perfect colour to add that ‘just flushed’ look without looking ‘overdone’.  They last extremely well throughout the day so have been getting a regular workout over the last month or so.

Max Factor eyes - 70's transformation

False Lash Effect Mascara $24.95

I have heard great things about the False Lash Effect mascara and I was initially shocked at the size of the brush.  It is HUGE!

Sadly I am a little disappointed by this mascara.  It is nice – but it just doesn’t give my lashes the ‘false lash effect’ Sad smile

I do like the natural look that it offers, which is perfect for every day, but it is not enough for me when I am going for a dramatic eye.

Colour X pert liquid liner $19.95

The Colour X pert is a liquid liner which is in a true black.  I wouldn’t use this if I was wanting to achieve a fine defined line as it is much better suited to a dramatic line due to the thicker point.

My tip would be to draw fine dashes along the lashline and then fill them in so that you have more control of the wand.  The finished result was a lovely dramatic thick black lined eye that definitely suited the 70’s look that Liz was going for.


Max Factor Face Finity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation $31.95 is a lovely foundation that claims to take the place of primer, foundation and concealer.

I find it leaves me with a semi matte finish that requires no powder to set.  I feel that it may be better suited to those of you who have less dry skin as I prefer my foundation to have a more dewy finish, however it would be fabulous in warmer weather and humidity.


You will see in the photo above that I have not magically transformed into the gorgeous Gwyneth, but I have achieved a lovely look that is suitable for both day and night.

I am particularly fond of the Burnt bark eyeshadow as it adds definition to the crease without being as harsh as a black to achieve a more daytime appropriate smokey eye.

Max Factor products are available at Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W, Priceline, selected pharmacy outlets and online at

Do you have any favourite Max Factor products?

I would love some more suggestions so I can check more of their products out.


    • says

      Thank you so much Jasmine – that is so sweet of you to say. It is always nerve wracking posting beauty photos at my age 🙂 xx

  1. Melinda says

    I do love that blusher in Classic Rose – I will check it out!

    I have sampled that foundation and it was too thick for me but ….. Kate …. check out Max Factors foundation called Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation and Serum (I use colour ‘Natural ) has a spf of 15 too.

    I have had a SA at Chanel ask me what foundation I am wearing as its lovely (I bet she thought it was chanel’s !! LOL ) she was shocked when I told her it was Max Factor’s and she said she will check it out too!
    Mind you , I find Chanel’s foundation on my skin does not last and looks awful in about 2 hours – it discoloured badly too.
    Thank goodness I asked to try it , go to lunch and see how it went!
    Saved some big $$ there!

    • says

      I will definitely check out the Ageless Elixir as it sounds absolutely gorgeous Melinda. I am glad to hear that you tried the Chanel without purchasing it as I always believe that you should try a sample a couple of times before you purchase foundation. No-one’s skin is the same, and we all like different things so it is really important to try it for yourself. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. Kellie says

    Looks great Kate – I especially like the look of the savage rose eyeshadow. It just looks like a really pretty shade. What a shame you didn’t like the mascara. Max Factor mascara’s are usually my favourite, more so their Clump Defy mascara.

    • says

      I really love the savage rose eyeshadow too Kellie, as well as the blushes (I am a blush addict!) I have heard fabulous things about the Clump Defy mascara so will definitely put it on my ‘to try’ list – thanks for the suggestion.