Lush Adelaide store opening

On Friday 20th of June a huge number of people braved the cold and wet to experience the new Adelaide Lush store which opened its doors to the public at 5pm.

I arrived at the store with my daughter at 4.30 and there were already around 100 people in the line!  Talk about dedication.

Welcome to Lush

We were welcomed to the new store by Ayla (PR for Lush) and Nelya who is the store manager.

It was great to learn that they used recycled timbers in the new store, further cementing their ethos of sustainability and looking after the planet.

Once inside it was standing room only.  The store is a reasonable size but it was stocked to the brim and there were people everywhere.  Luckily we were ushered in groups so that we could get up close and personal with the beautiful products.

Lush opening

There is SO much to learn about LUSH – the way they make their products, the ingredients that they use, the Company ethos to name a few.

I will be exploring this in more detail on the blog in the future as their passion for their products and their customers is something that is definitely worth sharing.

Lush bath bombs galore

It was not only a feast for the eyes, but an olfactory overload with the most amazing scents permeating the store.  You could smell the gorgeousness before you even entered the store!

Sunny Side bubble bar demo

We were treated to a demonstration of the Sunny Side bubble bar and the bubbles that Nelya and Sarah created were fabulous.  Hours of fun to be had!

Glittery bubble bar

This would be a beautiful product to use prior to you going out in a strapless dress as the sheen that is left on your skin is lovely and subtle and the scent is divine.


Everywhere you look is another gorgeous treasure to find.  From colorful packages ready for gift giving, to freshly made skincare, to delicious bath products.

Lush masks

Some lucky customers were treated to demonstrations of the face masks.  The cupcake mask definitely looked good enough to eat!


The first 100 customers were treated to a goodie bag which included the Popcorn lip scrub, Sparkle Toothy tabs and the Whipstick lip balm.


I just love the message on the back of the goodie bag Smile

I am definitely looking forward to spending some more time in the store learning about their products and then sharing them here for you all.

If you can’t get into a store you can always head to their website here.

I would love to know – What are your favourite LUSH products?


  1. says

    It was a really fun evening, thanks for inviting me to attend. How cool was the bubble blowing? Really unique. Must get back into town soon for a browse when it’s not so packed. Great to see you there!

    • says

      My pleasure Nici and it was lovely meeting you too. I am looking forward to exploring the store when I next head into town as there is SO much to see that I didn’t get a chance to on Friday.

    • says

      Thanks Sarah – it really was a riot of colour wasn’t it? I love the photo of you and you are more than welcome to share it 🙂

      The weather certainly wasn’t great on Friday but it would have been absolutely dreadful if it was over the last few days. We would have turned into popsicles!

  2. Melinda says

    I do love their rose jam shower gel ( limited Edt for some stupid reason ! ) and I am a soap person !!!!

    • says

      Ooh I like the sound of rose jam shower gel! I will definitely check it out if they release it again 🙂