Favourites September/October 2014

Wow.  Another 2 months have gone by and I haven’t uploaded a Favourites video Sad smile

I do have a good excuse though.   What with Emily’s 21st and my health scare and countless Dr’s appointments, I have been ‘running on empty’.

So, today’s post features the products that I have loved throughout September and October.

So lets get started.

SeptOct Favourites

Curtis Collection Baked Matte Bronzer in Bronzed Goddess $49.50 available at www.curtiscollection.com.au

I am still learning the art of contouring so this is a perfect bronzer for me to experiment with as it offers a lovely natural defined look without any shimmer at all.  It leaves my makeup looking polished and is almost undetectable on my fair skin which makes it a perfect contour product due to it looking so natural on the skin.  There is nothing worse that seeing someone who has tried to contour and they look like they have stripes on their face.  I love it and due to its large size it will last me for ages even with daily use.

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara (no price listed yet)

I will admit that I didn’t expect miracles from this mascara as I have never had much luck with Max Factor ones in the past.  They have been ‘nice’ but haven’t wowed me.  Until now.

I received this as a gift with the Marie Claire magazine and had heard nothing about it, so therefore had no expectations at all.  It states that it is a ‘high impact and volumising mascara’ and I 100% agree with that claim.

I have never had a mascara perform as well as this on my lashes.  There is absolutely NO fall out, NO panda eyes at the end of the day and my lashes stay curled and perfect ALL DAY.  Every evening when I take my makeup off I am surprised at how amazing my lashes are looking – even up to 14 hours after the initial application.

I am sorry Benefit They’re Real – I have found a replacement HOLY GRAIL MASCARA!

Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Black Fire (approx $21.95)

Another Max Factor product that has won me over.  I have terrible trouble with eyeliners smudging on me, and I have never found an eyeliner that works well on my waterline – until now.  I have been using the Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil when tightlining my upper lashes and it stays put.

No smudging, no budging.  Just perfect!

Clinique cream shaper for eyes in Chocolate Lustre $32

As I mentioned in my video, this is a favourite eyeliner of my gorgeous friend Lizy from the UK.  3 years ago (when we were last together) I asked what she used and she kindly bought one for me to try when she came to visit us in Australia recently.

I can see why she keeps repurchasing it.  The eyeliner is a beautiful creamy pencil which is opaque and is budge proof once it ‘sets’.  I often use this on my bottom lashline to define my eyes rather than black as it is more subtle and flattering for me due to my hooded eyelids.  If I keep the main focus on my upper lashline it helps to ‘lift’ my eyes rather than drag them down.

Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection Contour Brightening eyegel $26 available at www.racinne.com.au

A few months ago I was watching a YouTube video and the makeup artist (I’m sorry I can’t remember who it was) mentioned that applying a second eye cream just before applying concealer helped to eliminate creasing under the eyes.

I have been using the gorgeous Racinne eyegel just before applying my makeup and the soothing gel helps to keep my undereye feeling comfortable and nourished along with helping my concealer to glide under the eye rather than dragging and creasing.

Jo Malone diffuser in English Pear and Freesia $120

This scent is absolutely DIVINE.  I was lucky enough to win this as part of a prize through Beauty Heaven and I decided to save it for a special occasion.  I opened it a few days before Emily’s 21st and put it in the bathroom and the scent permeated almost the whole house!  It is a lovely delicate floral that doesn’t overpower even when you are in the room where it is located.  It is an expensive product so I have taken the diffusers out and put the lid back on so that I can bring it out on special occasions and savour it for as long as I possibly can as I really don’t want to use it all up.

The Body Shop Musk oil $29.95

I have always been a fan of any perfumes with a musk scent and the Body Shop Musk oil is one of my recent favourites.  Over the last month I have worn this at least 3 times a week and every time someone has commented on how lovely I smell.  Go to love that Smile

NAT Vitamin C serum $75 available at www.natskincare.com

I have had the pleasure of trialling a few new skincare products over the last month or so, and one of them is the NAT Vitamin C serum.  I have always been a fan of Rose Hip oil and this serum is similar in consistency and absorbency.

Even though I have only been using this at night, as I am too impatient to wait for it to absorb in the morning, I have found that the extra hydration is noticeable even through the course of the following day.  This is a definite ‘plus’ for me as I can find that my skin feels and looks more dry as the day progresses.

Plus I love that it is an Australian Company!

Cetaphil Suntivity 30+ Sunscreen approx $17

I have a love/hate relationship with sunscreen.  I know that I have to use it but I don’t like the sticky feeling that you get when you do use it.

The best thing about this new Cetaphil 30+ sunscreen is that there is absolutely NO sticky residue … at all!   This is an absolute miracle for me as I hate trying to remove sunscreen off my hands after application.  The fragrance is fresh and doesn’t smell like traditional sunscreens and I have found the sun protection to be great aswell.  No sunburn at all!

This is up there with the beautiful Guinot spray sunscreen that I also love.

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Serum

I admire anyone with beautiful healthy hair and love using treatment products, however it can be difficult when you are also the owner of fine hair.  Often this type of product will leave my hair looking and feeling very flat, but not the Goldwell Dualsenses Rich repair serum.

I have had issues with similar products leaving an oily residue on my hair but as it is a creamy serum I have not experienced that problem with this at all.  The fragrance is lovely and fresh and whenever I put it in my hair before bed (for an extra treatment boost) Mr SBB comments on how lovely my hair smells.

Apologies for not managing to get a favourites post up in September but hopefully I have made up for it with this one 🙂

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your new favourite products?


  1. Helen says

    Hi there!! I agree with the mascara!! I picked it up with the magazine also and have my fingers crossed it’s not too pricey!
    I have great difficulty finding mascaras that don’t irritate my overly sensitive eyes and nearly didn’t bother buying the magazine (after the disappointment of the Elle magazine as a read the month before when they gave away one of the new lanolip flavours) and I had never read a marie claire one but I decided it would be worse not to buy it and try to find out that sensitive eye gals loved it, so I grabbed it not expecting much also. It hasn’t caused any irritation at all yahhh and like you said it actually does do what they state, which is so rare in an eye friendly mascara!! I usually have to stick to total basic mascaras to avoid irritation. No more!! I love this and will definately repurchase it..and the magazine as it was a great read!!!
    Sorry that was so long lol…I love the sound of the contouring product UR using, sounds great!! I have bought several and has thought they had no shimmer but upon application the shimmer well shone! Not a good look and definately not great on us more mature beauties!
    Great post thank you!

  2. Helen says

    Sorry Kate, me again…the cetaphil sunscreen, how does it sit under makeup and primer?? I have to get myself a sunscreen STAT however I’ve been on the lookout for a physical one but in the meantime I still need one! Thanks Kate!

  3. says

    Ohh lovely favourites. I agree about the Max Factor Mascara and the vitamin C serum. I’ve been meaning to try out the Curtis Collection products for so long but never remember to purchase them when I have spare money!!

    • says

      Glad you like the Max Factor and vitamin C serum to Amy. Try to remember to order some Curtis Collection goodies as you will love them I am sure 🙂