Makeup for young performers

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by one of Seduced by Beauty’s Facebook followers if I could help with some suggestions for their daughter’s upcoming dance concert.  Their daughter is 5 and has quite sensitive skin so the products needed are ones that will work with her delicate, sensitive skin.

I am thrilled to help – especially when it was one of my gorgeous male readers who asked Smile

How sweet!

I have been a ‘Stage Mum’  for many years so I have picked up a few tips and tricks that should help those of you who are faced with the end of year concerts.

Often these concerts are your first introduction to using makeup on your young child.  This is not only daunting, but can be very confusing in regard to what products to use and also how much makeup to apply.

Stage makeup needs to be much more obvious than day makeup.  The bright lights wash out faces and the key is to be over exaggerated whilst still maintaining a polished and age appropriate look.

Here are my suggestions for makeup for young performers.


Stage lights can not only wash out the colour of the makeup, they are extremely drying on the skin due to the heat generated.  A combination of the lights and the high energy on stage will mean that the skin needs to be well moisturised before applying makeup.


I would recommend a moisturiser that is natural and not too heavy for their young skin.  I am particularly fond of the Ultra Light Moisturiser by MILK & Co as this contains 95% naturally derived ingredients and is suitable for all skin types and is paraben free.  It smells beautiful and feels lovely and light on the skin whilst leaving it moisturised and ready for the next layer.

Full coverage foundation

Before we choose a foundation, you need to ensure that it does not contain any SPF.  Due to the bright lights and many photos being taken a foundation with SPF will cause the flash to bounce off the face and you will end up with a ghostly white appearance.

For those of you without sensitive skin I would suggest the application of a primer prior to your foundation.  This will help to ensure that your makeup lasts all day and night, but with those prone to sensitivity I would suggest minimising the number of products used.


I would suggest a foundation that is a ‘2 in 1’ product such as the Innoxa Crème to Powder foundation.  This leaves the skin looking luminous, softer and smoother and it is free from talc, fragrance, mineral oil and preservatives.


If there is not a suitable colour match, you could try the Maybelline Super Stay makeup as it comes in 10 different colours.

Both of these foundations are long lasting and should last all day without the need for a touch up however the Innoxa crème to powder foundation can be easily layered if needed as it has an included sponge applicator.


I am all for makeup looking natural (especially on young children), but this is the time to put those feelings aside.

As the saying goes, ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ and performers express a lot of their character through their eyes.  We need to make them stand out.



On young performers I would suggest investing in a neutral eyeshadow palette such as the Innoxa Eyeshadow compact in Naturally nude as this contains 4 different shades that can be used on the eyes as an eyeshadow, on the brows as a brow definer, and by using a dampened eyeliner brush the darkest shade can be used as an eyeliner.


A hypo-allergenic mascara is an absolute must for anyone who suffers sensitivities.


There are many options, but one of my favourites is the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% natural origin jumbo lash mascara.  This mascara contains natural ingredients and the OrganiSoy® in the formula moisturises and nourishes lashes.


For those who do not have sensitivities a common makeup bag companion is the Maybelline Great Lash aswell as many different false lash options.

I would only recommend using false lashes if absolutely necessary and feel that it is a bit over the top for the younger performers.


Depending on what the Director of the show requires the most common colour used on the lips is red.  This gives the most impact under the bright lights and even though you wouldn’t consider using it on your young child normally, it will definitely be worth it when you receive your DVD to reminisce about their performance.


The best red lipstick I have found over the years has been the Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick.  It glides on easily and dries matte to leave a lovely finish that looks great on stage and camera.

If you didn’t want to go for a full on red lip, or if the Director wants a more natural look for the younger children, a tinted lipbalm is a great option.


If you are wanting to limit the number of items that you use, you can dab a small amount of your red lipstick onto the cheeks and blend.  This will give a lovely bright flush to the cheeks.  Otherwise, any brightly pigmented blush will work well.

All of the above items are readily available at Department stores and pharmacies but if you want to get them all in one place, I would recommend Priceline.

Oh and don’t forget to ensure you have makeup wipes, hair ties, bobby pins (put in tic tac containers for easy transport), hair brush, and hairspray!

All done.  Let the concert begin Smile

What suggestions would you have for an age appropriate stage makeup?  What extra items would you include?