7 beautiful Australian products for a lazy Australia Day

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Happy Australia Day Smile

I have been spending the day browsing through Instagram and Facebook and it seems that many of you are having a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends.

I am spending it at home with Mr SBB and our little Bichon Frise Lou Lou.  The kids are out at Australia Day parties and it is blissfully quiet (well it was until Mr SBB decided to turn on the stereo whilst painting the bedroom!)

I am having a completely makeup free day today but whilst I was in the shower (all of my good ideas are borne there) I realised that my ‘low maintenance’ days included a lot of Australian products.

Australia Day products

Babescrub Green Tea Scrub $21.95 available here

On days when I don’t have to rush I love spending extra time on exfoliating my body.  I have been loving the gorgeous Babescrub Green Tea scrub as it exfoliates without being harsh on my normal to sensitive skin.  I like the subtle scent and the slight sheen that is left on my skin after rinsing it off.  I also love that it doesn’t leave my shower slippery after it has been washed off as some of the competitors brands do.

Urban Skincare Co repair + body balm $12.95 for 100mL available here

After removing the dead skin with the Babescrub I love to use a body moisturiser and today I used the urban skincare co repair + body balm that I received in a recent Lust Have It! box.  Not only do I love the fresh fragrance but it absorbs really quickly allowing me to get dressed without worrying about leaving greasy residue on my clothes or feeling sticky whilst waiting for it to dry.

Jacqueline Evans muslin cloth $4.90 available here

I have been reading for what seems like an eternity about people using muslin cloths with their skincare.  I thought that using a face washer was just as good until I purchased my Jacqueline Evans muslin cloth from Natural Supply Co.  I am absolutely loving the slight exfoliation that I receive from the cloth and that it dries so quickly making it much more hygienic than a face washer that takes forever to dry.

NAT face Vitamin C serum $75.00 available here

Not a day goes by where I don’t use a face serum.  I mix it up a bit depending on what my skin needs and today I used the NAT Vitamin C serum to help add some vibrancy to my complexion which it has definitely needed since my hospital visit.

Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ more details here

I am not planning on spending much of the day outside today but I always put on sunscreen.  I don’t like sticky, thick sunscreens and this one from Alpha H is beautiful.  It’s consistency is like a traditional moisturiser and my skin absorbs it quickly leaving the perfect canvas for my makeup.  Today I am going bare faced though Smile

Eco Tan Natural Coconut deodorant $14.95 available here

A new product to my routine is the Eco Tan Natural Coconut deodorant.  For years I have been concerned about the deodorants that we use and have tried quite a few ‘natural’ ones only to be disappointed.  On days where the temperature is below 30 I have found this deodorant to work really well and today’s temperature of around 23 is just perfect.  When the temperature reaches over 30 though I find that I still need to resort to my clinical deodorants to ensure that I am ‘dry’ all day.  I know that this is not 100% going natural but I am happy knowing that I am going some of the way towards a more healthy alternative.

Grace & James candle in Pomegranate $49.95 available here

Whenever I am at home I have to have a candle burning and today I am burning a divine Grace & James candle in Pomegranate.  OMG if this isn’t one of the most beautiful scents I have ever used.  Before I even lit it I knew that it was going to be love.  The packaging has been designed by Santiago Sunbird, a creative sister duo, and I am struggling to throw it out as it is just so pretty.  I will be enjoying this candle for many more hours as it has a burning time of 80 hours!

So my lazy Australia Day is actually much more patriotic than I thought it would be Smile

Have you tried any of the brands listed above?  What are some of your favourite Australian brands?


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      Thanks Amy. You will love both the candle and the facial cloths. I am never going back to face washers after trying these 🙂

  1. says

    Loving Alpha-H’s moisturisers too. So far, think micro cleanse is my favorite one 🙂