January/February 2015 Monthly Favourites

As I was a bit late with my 2014 Favourites I am a bit behind with the monthly favourites.  Woops!  The year is just flying by.

For the months of January and February I have a few new products that I have been loving, along with a couple of products that have been in my routine for months (if not years!).

It is often easy to forget the products that we have loved for a long time as they tend to become just part of the routine.  I will be focusing on these products more during the year as I believe it is important for me to show you the products that are tried and tested.

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JanFeb 2015 favourites

Neo cleanser 200mL $39

This beautiful milky cleanser has been in my morning and evening skincare routine for the last 3 weeks or so and I have fallen in love with it.  The creamy cleanser removes my makeup effectively without stripping it of the essential oils and the fragrance is delicate but beautiful.  Neo is an Australian skincare company founded by Yasmin Najar after she saw the need for simplified and effective cosmeceutical range that was affordable.  I will be featuring Neo and Yasmin in a future post so keep your eyes out for that Smile


Jacqueline Evans muslin cloth $4.90 each

I have been using these muslin cloths for the last 3 months and I wonder how I ever went without them.  I love the gentle exfoliation that my skin receives when using it after I have cleansed my face.  Another benefit is that they dry quickly as there is no waiting for a thick face washer to dry.

BITE beauty colour & shine to go

BITE Beauty Colour & Shine to go travel pack $24.95

I am 100% a BITE beauty addict.  I have fallen in love with the Bite Beauty range and can definitely see myself adding to my collection as new products and colours are released.  This pack of 3 mini products is a great introduction to the range and the colours of the 3 lip products should suit most skintones.  I adore the little lipsticks and will be purchasing the full size versions from Natural Supply Co really soon.

Hair products

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil $34.95

As someone with very fine hair I have to be extremely careful when using oil/treatment products in my hair as it has a tendency to make my hair lifeless and flat.  I have been using this oil prior to my shower and I have seen a huge improvement in the condition, shine and manageability of my hair.  You can also use this oil prior to styling or as a treatment after styling to address any flyaways that you have.

Schwarzkopf hair powder $8.99 for 10gm

I have just purchased 2 backups of this volumising powder as it is an absolute MUST in my haircare regime.  A few little sprinkles of this ‘magic dust’ into the roots of my hair and I achieve manageable volume that lasts all day.  If my hair ‘drops’ due to humidity I just run my fingers through my hair to ‘reactivate’ it.  This would be a brilliant product for using when doing upstyles as it gives the hair grip to keep the hair in place.

Real Techniques pointed foundation brush $45 as part of the Core Collection (including 4 brushes)

I adore using this pointed foundation brush with my concealer as it helps me to ‘pat’ the concealer on to achieve a more polished result.  The larger surface area means that I don’t move the concealer as much as when I use a smaller brush.  The pointed end also assists in getting the concealer close to the lashline.

JanFeb favs

Essence long lasting eyeliner in Think Khaki $3.05

Due to me having oily eyelids and watery eyes I require my eyeliner to be longwearing and budgeproof.  I have fallen in love with the Essence Long Lasing eyeliner as it not only covers all of my wishes, but is also very cost effective.  I am loving trying other colours than black and brown and the khaki has become one of my favourites when I am wanting a more soft, natural look.  Once these eyeliners ‘set’ the only way they are coming off is by using an eyemakeup remover.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz $25 from Net-a-porter

As you will learn in the video this is actually my daughters eyebrow pencil.  I asked to try it when she returned from the US and I have fallen in love with it.  The very fine nib allows you to draw on fine hair and to create a defined brow that looks natural and polished.  The spooly at the opposite end of the pencil is dense and helps to get every hair placed in the optimum position.  I am definitely purchasing one for myself.

Burberry eyeshadow in Trench

Burberry eyeshadow in Trench $45 from Net-a-porter

This eyeshadow is my first Burberry makeup product and it will definitely not be my last.  From the gorgeous packaging to the buttery shadow I am in love.  Trench is a perfect neutralising colour for my eyelids and has become my ‘go to’ base eyeshadow.  I am looking forward to adding more of the range to my collection.

My Burberry

Burberry My Burberry perfume current price $119.95 at Perfume Clearance Centre

Over the last year my perfume collection has grown and this newest addition has fast become my favourite.  As with all Burberry products the packaging is gorgeous and the little details of the bow being made out of the iconic Burberry Trench fabric and the bottle lid being based on the button from the trench coat just adds to the beauty.  I am certainly not an expert when it comes to describing fragrances, but I love this floral perfume which has base notes of rose and patchouli along with top notes of bergamot and sweet pea.  I finds that it wears differently throughout the day and I am asked on a daily basis what perfume I am wearing – obviously I am not the only one loving it 🙂

Have you tried any of these beautiful products?  What have you been loving in the last couple of months?


  1. says

    I see more and more great things about Bite Beauty, I hope it becomes a more available in Australia soon 😀

    Good array of products in this list, it’s nice to see some lesser talked about products. I might have to check out those Essence eyeliners, they’re too cheap not to!

    • says

      Bite Beauty really has become one of my favourite beauty brands. Thankfully more of the range is becoming available and the prices aren’t too bad either.

      Glad to hear a few products have piqued your interest and I definitely recommend you check out the Essence eyeliners as they are a steal.