Head and Heart–April 2015

Last month I started a new series on Seduced by Beauty – Head and Heart.  I loved writing the post and the feedback has been lovely so it is time for April’s installment.

Head & Heart April 2015

What am I grateful for?

If you follow me on Facebook, you will have seen that I have continued to have quite a challenging time with my damn foot.  Since Christmas I had found that the symptoms of the blood clot had disappeared and the only real reminder was my daily dose of Warfarin.  That was until 3 weeks ago.

The weather has cooled down enough for me to drag out the ankle boots and wearing them has reaggravated my foot which has resulted in further tests.  We have found that I have no arterial flow from mid calf to my ankle and we are currently investigating it further.

Whilst it is exhausting and time consuming sitting in countless Dr’s surgeries and hospitals I am extremely grateful that we are investigating this well before our European holiday.  There is nothing that is going to stop me from having an absolute ball on this trip and if I end up having to be carried by Mr SBB then so be it!

The love and support that you have shown me this month has truly meant the world.  All of these tests and stresses have left their toll on my normally sunny spirit and the kind words from all of you has helped me smile again.  THANK YOU.

I’m terribly excited for:

In a week or so I have the fabulous opportunity to interview two entrepreneur’s who I have admired for a couple of years who will be sharing some brilliant advice in a video that I am sure you are going to love.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I can’t wait!

I’ve been thinking a lot about:

My children’s future

Our eldest is in her final year at University training to be a Primary School teacher.  She is currently undertaking her big 6 week placement where by the end of it she will be teaching all of the classes for the week.  I am SO proud of her and know that she is going to be a brilliant teacher.  She has wanted to do this as her career since she was 6 so it is wonderful seeing her dreams come true.

Whilst we are extremely proud of her and can’t wait to see her working in her chosen career, I am apprehensive that there may not be a job for her.  There are so many brilliant people who struggle to get a foot in the door in their chosen career so I am hoping that the stars will align and she will get a job that she loves.

Even though she is not thinking of moving out of home, the discussions have already started.  Yesterday she mentioned that she will be asking for household items for birthday and Christmas’s – which is very sensible, but is also confronting.  I know that she will eventually move out of  home but it really seems like yesterday she was a tiny babe in arms.

Our son has 4 more years in his degree so I am not quite as concerned about him as I think he will be at home for a while yet.  Especially as he will have a HUGE HECS debt once he completes his double degree in Law and Commerce!

Getting older

In last month’s Head & Heart I touched on how I liked being older due to being more confident in the decisions I made in my life.  It is great to not question every single decision but as I get older, so do my loved ones.

We are faced with ageing parents and at times it can be very confronting.

Whilst I lost my darling Dad when I was only 21 (and he was 53), my Mum is still going strong at 81.  She is an amazing woman who has shown strength and determination since Dad’s passing and is a constant support to both my sister and myself.

She is a breast cancer thriver and has a few other age related issues which have taken us all by surprise.  When I haven’t been sitting in a Dr’s surgery for myself, I have been going to appointments with her.  She tries to hide her health issues from us so my sister and I have had to be quite firm with her the last few weeks as she doesn’t want to worry us.  We are trying to explain to her that we are more worried if she doesn’t tell us!

There will be many more appointments over the next few months, but we are hopeful that we are on the right path.

What have I been doing?

Other than spending countless hours in Dr’s Surgeries, I have been busy researching places to stay on our upcoming trip.  I am loving every minute of it however it is a complete time suck.  I start researching a destination and 2 hours can go by without me even realising it.  The other evening I was trying to decide on accommodation in Venice and I completely lost track of time until the family came asking when dinner was.  I looked at the clock and it was 7.30!  We have normally eaten by 6.30.  Woops!

My answer to them was they could make dinner.  They didn’t particularly like that answer!

I have attended a couple of events this month – a masterclass at MAC Cosmetics and a styling session at Rundle Place.  Both were a lot of fun and I have a few events booked in for next month which I will be sharing with you soon.

What have I bought?

I am continuing on my Spending Ban (more like a Saving’s Plan as I have bought a couple of things this month!) but a couple of bargains just had to come home with me this month.

Due to it being my birthday month I received quite a few birthday vouchers from my favourite stores.  If you haven’t signed up to the loyalty programmes in Witchery, Sportscraft, MIMCO and Country Road (to name a few) make sure you get onto it.  It is definitely worth it.

Birthday scarves

I haven’t spent my $20 vouchers at Country Road or Witchery yet but I have used my MIMCO and Sportscraft ones to add to my scarf collection.  Mr SBB doesn’t understand my love affair with scarves but wearing the right one can completely finish off an outfit.  It can change it from a day outfit to a classy night look and during Autumn/Winter it is extremely rare to see me without one on.

Apologies that this post didn’t go up in late April, it was written and then I got sidetracked!

It will soon be time for me to pen my May installment so I had better hit publish now.

xx Kate