Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift light

As someone who trials many different skincare products throughout the year, I can be a bit sceptical when reading the claims that brands make about their products.

The Lancome Renergie Multi lift Light cream claims to work to create smoother, firmer skin, and to restore the skin’s tautness and redefine the facial contours, area by area.

As I have aged I have noticed that even though my skin is in good condition, my face is not as full and taut as it used to be so I am definitely interested in a face cream that claims that it can help in these areas.

I will get my pet peeve out of the way first – face creams that come in a jar that do not provide a spatula. I am loathe to put my fingers into pots of face cream (even though I ensure my hands are freshly washed) so when I start using a face cream in a jar the first thing I look for is a spatula. I always keep ones from past purchases for use if one isn’t supplied, so even though there wasn’t one I didn’t need to put my fingers into the pot.

Lancome Renergie Multi lift light

The cream is presented in a vibrant purple jar that stands out but looks gorgeous on my bathroom bench. The fragrance is very strong upon opening and takes a while for it to dissipate once applied to the face, so if you are one who is sensitive to fragrance you may find this one is not suitable for you. I don’t generally have issues with irritation from fragrance so have loved getting a waft of it when I am doing my skincare routine.

The cream is very thick and luxurious and a little definitely goes a long way. I have been following the suggestion application technique of applying from the centre of the face and working upwards and outwards, and I have found that there has been an increase in the bloodflow to my face that has resulted in a more glowing skin.

Lancome Renergie Multi lift application technique

Whilst I have only been trialling the cream for about 4 weeks I have already noticed a slight firming on my ‘jowls’ and a slight reduction in my smile lines. Whilst I would never want to lose them completely (they show I have laughed and smiled alot) it is always nice to see a slightly less lined version of yourself!

Another important criteria for me when trialling face creams is how it works with my foundation. I need my face cream to keep my skin moisturised and glowing and for it to meld with my foundation.

The Lancome Renergie Multi-lift cream works beautifully with all of my foundations no matter whether they are matte, semi-matte, dewy or mineral. This is a huge selling point for me.

The only warning about getting the best finish with your makeup is to ensure that the moisturiser is allowed enough time to absorb into the skin. If you don’t allow enough time you may find that it makes the foundation application more problematic.

I would definitely recommend the Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift cream to women who are concerned about fine lines and lack of firmness as I have already seen some results after only 4 weeks.

Lancome is available at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.

Do you have a special routine for applying your moisturiser?  What is your favourite Lancome product?