Bioderma Atoderm Intensive

Does your skin show the signs of stress?

Normally I have really ‘stable’ skin that can cope with trialling different products without so much as a slight irritation but unfortunately over the last few weeks I have been suffering from itchy, red irritated skin on my left eyelid.

Only on the left – the right is fine.  Weird!

Annoyingly I haven’t been able to wear any eyeshadow since the flare up and it is driving me crazy!

I am always a believer in the Universe working in mysterious ways and it definitely did during this flare up.

I had been to the Dr to get advice and some cream to put on it and it was not having any effect at all.  The redness was really evident and the discomfort was driving me nuts.

Then I had a catch up with the gorgeous Emilie from Cosmetiques de France who are the distributors of Bioderma, Uriage and NUXE.

Amy from Bottled Beauty and I met her when she was visiting Adelaide to learn about the new ranges coming from all three of the brands and she happened to have a sample of the new Bioderma Atoderm Intensive cream.

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive

Atoderm Intensive quickly stops itching and reduces the urge to scratch thanks to its anti-itching dermatological active ingredient PEA.  Enriched with soothing and purifying agents, it immediately calms irritation and restores the skin barrier thanks to its exclusive Lipigenium complex made up of biolipids that are naturally present in the epidermis.

And it really works.

My sore, red eye has stopped hurting and the redness has definitely calmed down.  I am still being really careful and not putting eyeshadow on at the moment, but I am absolutely thrilled with the improvement.

But I am not the only one who has had to use it in the last week.

My boss arrived to work on Monday with a huge allergic reaction which caused her face to be red and for her chin to develop tiny bumps which when burst left her skin scaly and unsightly.

I decanted some of the Bioderma Atoderm Intensive to try and within a few hours there was a noticeable difference.  The redness subsided and the flakiness disappeared.  Three days of using the cream and her face was completely back to normal.

We were both seriously impressed.

If you have itchy, allergic and sensitive skin I would highly recommend that you purchase a tube as the results I have experienced have been fantastic.

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive RRP $32.95 for 200mL has just been released and is available at Terry White Chemists and Adore Beauty and will be available in Priceline from 1st September 2015.

What is your ‘go to’ cream if you suffer from eczema/itchy skin?  What do you find relieves it other than a topical cream?


  1. Andrea says

    When my skin has any type of angry reaction, organic jojoba oil is my go-to product.

    I stop using everything else on my skin and use the jojoba oil as a cleanser and moisturiser for as long as I need to.

    Jojoba oil also makes the best eye cream substitute ever (in fact, it’s the only thing I’ll use under my eyes now – stops concealer from creasing too!)

  2. Andrea says

    Something else I learnt a couple of years’ ago is that eyelid primers are one of the main culprits in any eyelid irritation. It makes sense when you think about the ingredients needed to keep eye shadow in place on your lids for hours on end: dimethicone, silicone, petroleum products etc.

    I’ve been doing a bit of a search for natural alternatives, including DIY versions (which are great, but dry out quickly in the pot after making them). I have the Faerie Organic Forty Winks Eye Primer on its way to me from the US after reading impressive reviews. I’ll let you know how it goes. xx

    • says

      I look forward to hearing how you go with the Faerie Organic Forty Winks Eye Primer Andrea as I know you have been on the search for one for a while 🙂