Lush Westfield Marion store opening

Last Friday evening a group of Adelaide beauty bloggers were invited to the new LUSH Westfield Marion store to celebrate its opening.

As a huge lover of LUSH I couldn’t wait to step into the store as I knew that I would be met with wonderful products, exquisite fragrance and enthusiastic staff.  I was not disappointed Smile


LUSH has a very long and proud history having officially launched in 1995.  They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year and have over 700 stores in more than 46 countries.  Not bad for a company that was started as a small home business in Dorset, England.

A Lush Life

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As consumers we are much more aware now of what we are putting on our bodies than we were back in 1995, so LUSH really were ahead of their time and continue to be as passionate now as they were when they started.

The store smelt beautiful and my senses went into overload!

Lush Cupcake face mask

The array of gorgeous fresh face masks look good enough to eat!

Lush face mask demo

Here Mayanthi from The Gracious Life is enjoying a relaxing demonstration of one of the masks.  Her hands felt absolutely amazing afterwards.

Lush bath bombs

The LUSH bathbombs are all hand made and come ‘naked’.  Upon purchase they are packaged in recycled paper bags or you can choose to have your goods packaged in one of their famous knot wraps.

Knot wrap

Knot wrapping is inspired by a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth called Furoshiki.  By using a knot wrap there is no waste and it can be re-used time and time again.  They cost $5.50 and are either upcycled vintage scarves or greenspun, which is fabric made from recycled plastic bottles!

Lush bubblegum lip scrub

I have the popcorn lipscrub and love it, but this bubblegum one sounds delicious!

Lush makeup

You probably don’t think to go to LUSH for cosmetics, but I ADORE their cream eyeshadow.  Not only are they gorgeous colours, but I have found that they last extremely well without creasing.  I added another colour to my collection on Friday night.  Can you guess which colour?

Lush goodies

When you are surrounded by so many beautifully colourful and fragrant goodies it is hard to take it all in but there is definitely something for everyone.

Kanya from Lush at the opening of the Marion store

Thank you to the wonderful LUSH team and to the gorgeous Kanya for opening the store for us after hours so that we could fully enjoy the wonderful range of LUSH goodies.  I will be back!

What are your favourite LUSH products?


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    Hello Kate,
    I have found that as I am getting older powder eyeshadows tend to look dry and creased or cracked after a while. Do you thnk using a cream eyeshadow would solve this problem?

    • says

      Hi Ruth yes using a cream eyeshadow would definitely help this issue as well as giving your eyeshadows a more vibrant appearance. You could also look at an eye primer as an alternative aswell. If you want to try an eyeprimer that is inexpensive I would suggest looking at NYX which is available at Target. I use their white primer in a pot or alternatively their Milk eyepencil. Let me know how you go xx

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    It was definitely a lovely evening at LUSH Marion. Lush always create a very welcoming and enthusiastic atmosphere that is a pleasure to be within. Kate, I have waaaay to many LUSH favourites to say in one post BUT one item I am currently loving is the LUSH Gorgeous Face Cream – it smells heavenly!