The photos that really got under my skin

I’m annoyed.  Why can’t I be happy with what I see when I look in the mirror?

Is it because I have got to a certain age and I feel invisible?

Is it because I am seeing more and more people criticising people on social media instead of encouraging and supporting each other?

I wish I had the answers.  I wish that the photos that we took last night when we went out to celebrate our daughter finishing Uni were ones that I felt comfortable enough to share.

I have just spent the last 45 minutes trying to edit my photos so that I can share them on the page.  I have never edited out a wrinkle or blemish so I was astonished to see what happened when I tried to ‘fix’ one of the offending photos.  Wow – it is pretty amazing what some editing programs can do.  I almost didn’t look like myself in the end.  I looked like a cartoon character.

You will know that my main bug bear is my two very prominent frown lines.  I am sure you notice them, but probably nowhere near the amount I do.  Everytime I look at a photo I see them taunting me.  They are constant reminders of the terrible headaches that I have suffered most of my life.  Thankfully I have mostly recovered, but they are the scars I wear for all of those years of suffering.

I came across this quote today and I am going to try to follow Alex Morritt’s advice.  I have many fabulous years under my belt.  I have lived and learned.  I am lucky to be mature – although some may disagree with my level of maturity he, he.

Wrinkles? Why all the fuss? Think of them as lines of distinction; marks of maturity.

For all of the gorgeous creams, lotions and potions that I use on a daily basis there is nothing that is going to make me feel better inside.  It has to come from an inner peace.  The dialogue has to be one of acceptance, love and support – not one of negativity, hate and yearning.

Playing around with these apps I am 100% aware that a lot of what we see on the internet and magazines is not real.  Yes, there are some women who are genetically gorgeous and who don’t require ‘retouching’, but the vast majority of photos that we see are ‘modified’ in some way or another.

This week has seen the huge story of Essena O’Neil – the 19 year old Instagram ‘celebrity’ who admitted she staged her social media snaps and that her portrayed life was not ‘real’.  I have spoken about this before on the blog and I worry about those who aspire to be just like the people they follow on social media.

I am certainly smart enough to know reality from the fakery, but at times we all need to be reminded that it is our inner beauty that shines the brightest.

I promise I am working hard behind the scenes to work on my self esteem and that deep down in my heart I know that the tagline for Seduced by Beauty is true and the one that we all need to hear – Beauty is more than skin deep.

Seduced by Beauty script

Love to you always



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      Thanks so much Winston. It seems that we are on the same page – especially as our posts touch on the same theme. I loved your piece also x

  1. Trish Drinkwater says

    Hi, Beautiful Kate,
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are masses who see your true beauty – both inside AND out.

    This quote sums it all up, in my opinion and doesn’t need any more words from me!

    “People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
    Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

    With love, gorgeous,

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      Thank you for these beautiful words Trish. You always know the right things to say. Hope you are well and that your holiday was fabulous xxx

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    I’d love to see the photos – I’m sure that you look beautiful regardless of frown lines or wrinkles! Heck I’ve been sharing my Everyday Style photos through Frocktober with an enormous scab on my nose from a skin cancer that’s being treated!!!
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted…Swastika JewelleryMy Profile

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      Thanks so much Janet. You are amazing the way that you share your photos with your readers and you are definitely braver than I. I do think that I am getting a little better though. Baby steps 🙂

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    Do you know, I never did notice those frown lines until you pointed them out to me a few years’ ago (and that was after knowing you for 20+ years!).

    We are such harsh critics of ourselves and it’s time to let go and realise that it’s our ‘imperfections’ that make us interesting and human.

    I listen to a meditation track each day where the brilliant author John Kabat-Zinn says these words in the introduction – I think it’s something we all need to hear everyday, and I never tire of hearing this:

    ‘Let go of the tendency that we all have to want things to be different from how they are right now.
    And allow things to be exactly as you find them.
    Allow yourself to be exactly as you are.
    You are perfect, right here, right now, in this moment.’


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      You always know the right thing to say Andrea 🙂 I love that meditation and will try to say it to myself every day 🙂