Travel Favourites Part 1 – Haircare, Skincare & Fragrance

I can hardly believe that it is over a month ago that Mr SBB and I returned from our amazing European trip.  We had an absolute ball and Italy has definitely won my heart.

Whilst I was away I realised that it has been far too long in between videos, so I have decided to record a video to show you the products that I took away with me on our recent trip.

In order for these beautiful products to earn their place in my travel bag they had to be ones that I loved and had trialled and tested before our trip.  I didn’t want any nasty surprises with allergic reactions like I did in Bali.  Therefore all of these products could easily be classed as FAVOURITES.

Luckily I decided to break the video into two as they ended up being a bit longer than normal but each product deserves a little review so I am sorry if it is a bit long.  Grab a cuppa and settle in and watch Part 1 where I share the Skincare, haircare and perfume that I took away.

Travel hair products

Marc Anthony Shampoo and Conditioner

In the interests of saving luggage space there are a few products that I included that we could both share.  The Marc Anthony Volumising Shampoo and conditioner were a great inclusion as they were light, sealed well and left our hair volumised and conditioned.

Charles Worthington 3D boosting cream

I have been using the Charles Worthington 3D Boosting cream for about 4 months and love how it adds volume without leaving my hair ‘crispy’.  It is also in a great travel friendly container.

bHave Gun Powder and bHave Sleek Pomade

Regular followers will know how much I love bHave hair care products so it is probably no surprise that I took some away with me.  A few weeks before leaving I was sent the new Gun Powder which I instantly fell in love with.  I don’t go a day without using a styling powder and I LOVE the nifty nozzle on the bHave Gun Powder as it directs the powder to the exact spot that I want to add lift and volume to.  I use the Sleek Pomade to ‘piece’ my hair and to tuck those pesky flyaways away – especially the ones behind my ears.  To reduce luggage I decantered a small amount into a smaller container.

Decantered bottles

QV Wash

This is a staple product that Mr SBB and I have been using for years.  I always travel with a small bottle of this as it can be used as a face wash or a body wash making it a great multi-purpose product for us both.

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive

This is a fairly new addition to my skincare arsenal.  Prior to us leaving I had a really bad reaction to a product (I still don’t know which one) which caused my left eyelid to become dry, red, scaly and REALLY itchy.  The Bioderma Atoderm Intensive was the only product that relieved and healed my eyelid so I took a small container of it with me and I was pain free in a few days.  I will always travel with a small container of this now as it was brilliant.

Kismet Jardin Rose Mist and Hydra Gem 

Kismet Jardin Celeste Rose mist and Hudra Gem

I am SO excited to share these beautiful Kismet Jardin products with you.  They are made in South Australia and are an amazing range of skincare and perfumes that are World Class.  In 2014 they won the IAIR Global Award for Innovation and sustainability in the beauty and health category and I believe this is going to be the first of many, many awards.

I travelled with the Celeste Rose Mist (rrp $54.50) which I decantered into a travel friendly spray bottle so that I could have it with me at all times – especially when I was on the plane.  The gorgeous rose scent is not only refreshing, but is soothing and hydrating.

Another Kismet Jardin product that earned its place was the Hydra Gem (rrp $49.50).  This oil-free hydrating serum and makeup primer is an absolute ‘must’ to include in your carry-on luggage as when used in conjunction with the Rose Mist leaves your skin beautifully hydrated throughout the flight.  I regularly reapplied both products whilst in the air and my skin was was noticeably more hydrated compared to previous trips.

I not only use the Hydra Gem as a serum, but use it as a makeup primer aswell.  It makes a lovely base for your makeup and I can see me re-purchasing this many, many times.

Travel Skincare

Dr LeWinns Line Smoothing complex eye recovery eye cream

I had a blonde moment in the video when I stated that Dr LeWinns was an Australian brand!  Dr LeWinn’s was founded in Palm Springs USA but his products are found all around the world (plus my bottle has AUSTRALIA written on it in really big letters and my 46 year old eyes only saw that Smile)

Anyway, back to the gorgeous Dr Le Winns eyecream.  I have been a fan of Dr LeWinn’s skincare for about 10 years and I have loved trialling his new products as they are released.  The Line Smoothing complex eye recovery eyecream is a lovely, hydrating eyecream that is the perfect travel companion.  It is in a travel friendly bottle that can easily be put in your handluggage allowing you to reapply your eyecream during the flight.   I love how this absorbs quickly and leaves the undereye area feeling beautifully hydrated whilst not interfering with my makeup.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

There is not much to say about this other than this is an absolute HOLY GRAIL product.  I have been using Alpha H Liquid Gold for 2 years and I always have a back up or two in my cabinet as my skin responds beautifully to this.  I use this every second night and when I wake up my skin looks much fresher and my makeup applies much more flawlessly.

Clarins Super Restorative Remodelling Serum

I was sent the Clarins Super Restorative Serum about a month before we left for our trip.  This serum is targetted towards those over 50 but even though I am not in that age group (yet) I found my skin lapped it up.  I used this both morning and night in conjunction with the Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem and my skin looked the best it ever has on holidays!

Bioderma Crealine H2O

Bioderma is an absolute MUST for me.  Every. Single. Day.  It is my eye cleanser of choice and I have repurchased it at least 10 times – even before it was easily available in Australia.  It gets off the hardest to remove mascara gently and effectively and never stings my eyes.  I love it.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Ultra Protection anti-aging moisturiser with sunscreens

I shared with you my love of the Elizabeth Arden Prevage moisturiser here.  I have repurchased it numerous times and is one that I keep going back to.

Bioderma Hydrabio Riche

I love using intense moisturisers in the evening as my skin loves them.  Knowing that I was going to be out in the elements more than I usually am, I packed the Bioderma Hydrabio Riche cream for my night moisturiser.  I also used this on the plane in conjunction with the Kistmet Jardin Hydra Gem and Rose Mist and my skin definitely thanked me for it.  The small bottle is a perfect size for travelling and if you wanted to only travel with one moisturiser this would be perfect for day if your skin is on the drier side.

Natural Instincts Facial wipes

I am not one to use facial wipes in my everyday routine, but they are a great inclusion when on holiday.  I used these on the plane to wipe the tray table and screen, wipe my hands after eating and for removing my makeup as soon as we took off.  I also threw them into my handbag in case of emergencies.  I don’t travel anywhere without wipes.

Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique

Some people say that you don’t need to include a toner into your routine but I don’t feel complete unless I do use one.  I have been loving the Bioderma Hydrabio toner for the last three months so I decantered some into a small bottle to take away.  I apply a little onto a cotton square and wipe it over my face morning and night and it helps to take the last remnants of cleanser away, leaving your skin clean and ready for the application of your serums and moisturiser.

Travel necessities

Cetaphil Suntivity SPF30 Sunscreen

In my holiday sunscreen post you would have learned how much I LOVE this sunscreen.  This is the perfect facial sunscreen for both men and women and I will definitely be restocking when it runs out.

Neutrogena Beach Defence Sunscreen

Our body sunscreen of choice was the Neutrogena Beach Defence.  It is the only sunscreen other than the Guinot UV Defense sunspray that I actually like the smell of.  It absorbs beautifully and doesn’t leave a sticky, tacky feeling behind and kept us beautifully protected.  I highly recommend it.

Wonderstripes Hyaluron Moisturizing Booster masks

The last couple of overseas trips I have included facial masks in my bag and my skin has loved it.  I try to incorporate masks into my routine each week when I am home, so I packed 6 to take away with me.  This gave me one for each week plus an extra one to be used after each flight.  Taking time out at the end of a busy day relaxing with a facial mask on is my idea of heaven.  I looked frightful, but the results were fabulous. I loved using the Wonderstripes Hyaluron facial masks and can definitely recommend them.

Perfumes – My Burberry, Daisy Dream Forever and Giorgio Armani Code Femme

My travel perfume wardrobe

When faced with having to decide which fragrances to take away it is almost like having to choose my favourite child (or lipstick for that matter!).

As the weather was going to be warm in Europe I decided to take lighter scented ones as I often find my more robust perfumes are best left to the cooler weather.  Prior to us leaving I was kindly sent the Daisy Dream Forever by Marc Jacobs and it was love at first sniff.  It is a delicate fragrance that smells like ‘sunshine’.  It is one of those fragrances that instantly puts a smile on my face.  Due to it being in a glass bottle I decantered some into an empty roller ball which made it the perfect companion for in my handbag.

I used my two Travelo’s and put My Burberry into one, and Giorgio Armani Code Femme into the other.  I left My Burberry for the UK due to it’s heavier notes and alternated between Daisy Dream and Code Femme for Europe.

PHEW!  That is part one of the products that I took away with me.  It may seem a lot to some of you, but for me it was a challenge to get the list down.

Part 2 will follow next week and I will be sharing the makeup that I took away with me.

What are your must have skincare, haircare and perfume products when you go on holiday?  Are any of your favourite products here?


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      Thanks Amy. I really love the Kismet Jardin products and have just started using one of their moisturisers which is just as beautiful as the Hydra Gem and Rose Mist. If you ever go past Burnside Village Pharmacy it is well worth giving the range a try.

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      A great eye cream is definitely a must isn’t it Winston? We have just travelled to Melbourne for the weekend and even for that short haul flight I made sure I had layered my skin well and also had my rose mist to use throughout the flight. I don’t travel anywhere without it 🙂