I’m Mad

I’m mad..

Why are people so happy to sit behind their keyboards and attack those who are trying to share a little positivity and beauty in our lives?  Why do people have to try to twist a perfectly innocent photo into an opportunity to berate that person?

One of my post’s last week was about how we should accept ourselves, faults and all, and how I was trying hard to overcome ‘my’ issue with the wrinkles that I have.  Speaking to a girlfriend on Friday she told me that she had never noticed the wrinkles before I wrote about them and that she would be furious if I went and had Botox.  I assured her I wasn’t planning on it Smile

It takes a lot of courage to ‘bare’ your insecurities with your loved ones – let alone publicly through your blog or social media.

I am continually inspired by those who have the courage to write about their depression, hardships, illness, weight struggles etc and I regularly remind myself that if they can overcome their challenges then I should be able to get over my silly insecurities.

A lovely friend of mine who I admire greatly for her strong message of empowering women was attacked yet again on her blog.  She posts outfit of the day pictures daily and today she received a private message from a ‘reader’ berating her for wearing a more slim fitting dress.

When I saw the outfit photo this morning I saw a gorgeous strong woman who has joy in her heart as you could see it through her eyes.  I saw a woman who is proud of her body and who wants us all to feel the same way.  I saw a woman who knows how to dress for her body shape and has the confidence to ‘push the envelope’ from time to time.  We can all learn a lot from women like her – I know I do!

It is clear that her blog is not the place for this rude, horrible ‘so-called reader’.  This person’s sole objective was to hurt, belittle and attack the blogger, and I along with her other genuine readers will not take it.  They can bugger off and go and live their sad and sorry life somewhere else.

Photo 15-11-2015, 4 45 43 PM

And another thing …

I am going to admit that I am probably not the person to speak to if you want to discuss World events as I generally choose not to read or watch the news.  It is not because I am ignorant and don’t care, it is because I find it too upsetting.  Yes, I would rather stick my head in the sand than spend my life living in fear and torturing myself over the horrible things that humans do to one another.

Obviously it has been impossible to ignore the World Events of the last 3 days – the suicide bombing’s in Beirut, the bombings in Paris and the earthquake in Japan to name just a few.

I am deeply saddened by these horrendous acts as I am sure you are too.

Paris is about life

What makes me really mad though is when people innocently post an Instagram photo showing support for Paris and then it turns into a political debate in the comments.

I was flipping through my Instagram feed this morning and a well known beauty blogger posted a gorgeous photo of Paris with the comment ‘Thinking of Paris today’.

There were many commenters who echoed her support and love for Paris, yet surprisingly there were many who were calling her out for not recognising other significant world events.  Readers have taken to her Instagram to argue and berate her and each other for being ignorant to the plight of others who are suffering.

I understand that there are many, many atrocities in this world but why can’t a simple photo showing support for a Country in shock and mourning be just that?

In this highly ‘social’ world we have to remember that there are real people behind these pages/accounts and if you wouldn’t be prepared to go up and say those comments to them whilst looking them straight in the eye, then you shouldn’t be saying it.

Follow those who inspire you.  Follow those who make you laugh.  Follow those whose style you love.  Follow those who make you think.  Follow accounts that enrich your life.

Don’t attack, don’t be rude and as another favourite blogger of mine Kimbalikes says ‘Don’t be a dick!’

To spread the kindness and love I would really like you to share in the comments the blogs that you love reading.  I look forward to us all discovering many more fabulous blogs.

xx Kate


  1. says

    It comes in very handy, that quote.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your fashion blogger friend receiving a nasty message. How unpleasant.

    I was worried that I was sharing too much of my endo / hysterectomy story online – until I started getting so many messages and emails and comments from people to help demystify the process and pass on some info.

    You’re a treasure – and one with perfect skin! X

    • says

      It most certainly does Kimba and I unfortunately have had to use it a few times lately. I am not sure whether it is because we are getting close to the ‘silly season’ or not, but there seem to be more and more of them!

      I love that you have shared your endo story as I know that alot of people (including me) suffer this condition and often it is not talked about. I am so pleased that you are doing so well now and that you can put all of that behind you.

      I have been pretty lucky inheriting my Mum’s gorgeous English skin so I am pretty careful to look after it. I am certainly glad Mum insisted on us wearing sunscreen growing up as I am sure that has had a huge influence on the condition of my skin now I am in my mid 40’s. xx

    • says

      Thanks Jenni. I think that if you have nothing nice to say you are better off saying nothing, but unfortunately social media seems to bring out the worst in some people. I have had to stop reading comments on some posts as it takes all of my energy not to tell people to pull their heads in. xx

  2. says

    Well done Kate! You tell them! We all have things we feel insecure about and picking on other peoples insecurities is not going to make you or anyone feel any better. Life is hard enough without people bringing you down. Look out for your sisters Ladies!