Travel footwear featuring Revere, Ziera, Sketchers

When going on holiday one of my top priorities is to ensure that I have comfortable travel footwear.

It is the one part of my wardrobe that I stress about due to having been on many trips that have involved blisters, aching feet and swollen ankles.

I was determined that our European trip was not going to be like the others and I made my travel footwear decisions a top priority.

I almost got it 100% right.  I say almost because the one pair of shoes I thought was going to be my major ‘workhorse’ ended up being the pair that I only wore twice.  I only gave them a second chance to see if they were any better the second time – and sadly they weren’t.

So today I am sharing with you the 4 pairs (I know I still can hardly believe it) of shoes that I packed for our latest overseas trip.

Ziera Piper sneakers on holiday

Regular readers will know that I was wanting to buy the Frankie4 ElliE silver sneakers, however they were sold out when I was ready to purchase them.  Knowing that I needed a good quality lace up shoe I went on the search for something similar.

I was thrilled to find the Ziera Piper sneaker that was not only as stylish, but was cheaper.

I found these perfect for the cobblestone roads in Rome as they had a sturdy sole that handled the uneven terrain beautifully.  My feet were comfortable all day (even though my feet got hot due to the intense heat that Italy experienced whilst we were there) and I couldn’t have been happier.

They worked perfectly with most of my outfits and I inspired my girlfriend to buy a similar pair when we were in Lucca and she is one who NEVER wears sneakers/laceup shoes Smile


We hired bikes for a few hours in Lucca which was a wonderful way to see the city – plus is saved our feet for a while!

Revere Charlotte ballet flats

In our Podiatry Practice we sell a range of shoes by Revere.  They have a fabulous range of orthotic friendly shoes and sandals that suit all ages.

Prior to us leaving the new range was released and as soon as I clapped eyes on the sporty Revere Charlotte ballet flat I knew they had to be mine and they actually proved to be my most worn pair of shoes.

As the weather was hotter than we anticipated I loved that I could quickly remove my shoes when we sat down for lunch and they were perfect to dress up for dinner when we went out in the evening.

They come in navy, red and black and since our return I have added the red into my wardrobe and expect the black will be joining the others really soon.

Boots - Europe

Once we arrived in England the warm weather became a sad, distant memory.  Whilst the weather wasn’t overly cold I did find that my ankle boots were the best footwear to don.  They kept my feet warm and dry and as I had been wearing this pair for most of Winter, they were beautifully worn in so I could walk for hours without any discomfort.

On the warmer days though I wore my navy ballet flats or the Ziera Piper sneakers for a bit of variety.

Now we come to the pair of shoes that were the biggest disappointment.

Many people have recommended Sketchers shoes to me.  They claim that they are super comfortable and the only shoes they travel with.

Being the person who likes to purchase from others’ recommendations I decided to purchase a pair of Sketcher Mary Jane style shoes.

I chose a style with the strap over the foot so ensure that the foot was more secure and so I didn’t have to claw my toes to keep the shoe on.

Biggest mistake.

Look at my poor foot.


I don’t normally suffer swollen feet, but this was taken only an hour after putting them on to walk to the Vatican.  They were hot and swollen and the indent from the strap lasted a good two hours after I removed my shoe.

It wasn’t only the strap that caused my feet to be uncomfortable either.  The sole did not cope at all with the cobblestones in Rome and I could feel almost every one with every footstep.

I was so disappointed as I felt they would be the perfect shoe and they were by far the worst shoe I could have taken.

I had worn these a few times before we left but I was definitely surprised at how bad my feet were after only a short time wearing them.  The combination of the heat, cobblestones and the top strap all contributed to very, very sore feet.  I am almost too scared to wear them for any length of time now as I don’t want to relive the agony.

Pink wellies

Bonus pair:  When in the UK we went for a walk in The Common with our friends and their gorgeous dog.  I was told I couldn’t wear any of my shoes as they would be ruined by the mud, so my ever stylish girlfriend loaned me a pair of her wellies.  Only Lizy would own pink wedge wellies!

I am very happy to report that I am still regularly wearing my Ziera silver sneakers and the Revere ballet flats and have even had people coming up to me whilst I have been shopping asking me where they could buy them from.

I even sold a pair to a lady who asked me where she could get them from!

If you are going on holiday soon and have difficult to fit feet or wear orthotics, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you need some advice.

I have tried and tested many pairs of shoes and I think I have finally found the perfect ones!

What are your go-to travel footwear when on holiday?  Do you base your travel outfits around your shoes?


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      In the week since I published this post I have actually added yet another pair of Ziera’s to my wardrobe! I love them and they feel like slippers 🙂