Organising the Adelaide Bloggers United event

Have you ever been so tired that when you try to type all you end up with is gobbledegook?

Well, after spending months organising the Adelaide Bloggers United event on Sunday, that is exactly how I found myself once we bid farewell to the last guests.

Nici and INici and I after the event. We were completely shattered but thrilled with how the day went.

I tried to share some photos of the day whilst we were having dinner, but every time I went to type it ended up making NO sense at all.  I must admit that I am not the quickest when it comes to posting on social media at the best of times, but this was laughable!

There is alot for me to share about the amazing event, but I thought I would share with you what was involved in putting on an event of this magnitude.

In December 2015 I was contacted by Nikita and Jasmine from Bloggers United asking if I would like to be one of the the SA brand representatives.  Shortly after I was joined by the lovely Nici from Beauty and Food.  Oh how glad I was to have her in my court.  She is a dream to work with and where I lack skills in the finer points of Excel and Word documents she whizzes through those tasks with ease.  We found we complemented each other beautifully – a great South Australian team.

In January, a date of 28th February was set and the countdown was well and truly on.  We had less than 2 months to prepare for an event which ended up including 35 bloggers along with 12 brands presenting – not to mention the numerous brands who contributed to the day in one way or another.

One of the first items on the agenda was to find a venue.  Little did I know at the beginning that the choice of venue was going to be key to the whole event.

Nici and I were determined to find a venue that was quirky, interesting and definitely Instagram worthy.  Boy did we hit the jackpot when the gorgeous Rachael from Seawall Apartments at Glenelg offered her amazing venue.

Seawall Apartments

Seawall view

How perfect is the weather and the deck out the front of Seawall Apartments? Photo courtesy of Heidi Who

Thank goodness we ended up with 2 beautiful apartments as we managed to have so many fabulous brands that we needed every room!

Apartment layout for Seawall event

All of the rooms with a life preserver had a brand sharing their products with the bloggers

Due to the beautiful layout of Seawall Apartments and incredible brand support, we decided to run this event in an unique way which offered bloggers and brands the opportunity to get up close and personal.  Small groups would spend quality time with the brands learning about their products, and the brands would be better able to connect with the bloggers and understand their unique voice.

Once the venue was locked in it was time to promote the date and get the Adelaide blogging community excited.  Many of the members of Bloggers United were primed and ready for the release of tickets and in less than 24 hours we were sold out!

Adelaide Bloggers United logo

Due to the beautiful seaside location it was easy to choose a theme and Nici designed the fabulous logo and designed the postcard inspired invitation.

Seawall postcard

Image courtesy of @seawallapartments

Pity Australia Post couldn’t deliver them in a timely manner though!

We even managed to follow the theme with the beautiful thank you gifts for our presenters.

Fleurieu gifts air plant

How beautiful are these vases from Fleurieu gifts?

Countless emails to brands were sent and you only have to look at the photos from the day to see the wonderful support we received.  I have never seen so much loot from an event before.  Nici and I spent hours packing the goodie bags but it was SO much fun.

bags of products

Just a small selection of the bags before we transported them downstairs

What wasn’t so much fun was transporting them all to the venue, putting them upstairs on the Saturday and then having to bring them all downstairs again.  To say I was a little sore by the end of the weekend would be an understatement, although it probably wasn’t helped after I had a very spectacular fall during the event.  One skinned knee, bruised hands and a very embarrassed Kate – my family are still laughing!

I am extremely passionate about the many South Australian brands we are lucky to have on our own doorstep, so Nici and I were thrilled to be able to offer them a platform to showcase their brand.  Natralus, Kismet Jardin, Vani-t, Davroe, REB Cosmetics, Shanghai-Lil all hail from South Australia and they were very excited to get to know the bloggers and learn about their readers.


Photos courtesy of Heidi Who photos

Organising an event sees you contacting people who you haven’t worked with before, but can also see you reconnect with people from the past – as was the case with our lunch sponsor.  A friend from On the Run was instrumental in helping organise Oporto to help feed the masses with their new Spicy Chicken menu and have it delivered to us by Delivery Boyz.

Looking at everyone enjoying their late lunch in the sunshine on the deck it was obvious that the new menu was a hit.  Some people even commented that they hadn’t tried a burrito/embrulho before so it really was a day of discovering new things.

We also wanted opportunities for the bloggers to be together as a group, and instead of brand presentations decided on a photography masterclass with Heidi from Heidi Who, and inspirational talks from Jenni from Styling Curvy and Lauren and Hayley from Adelady.

Presenters collage

Photos courtesy of Heidi Who Photos

It is hard to sum up the fabulous talks in a few words but we learned some basic lighting tricks to help improve our photos, learned about the importance of self love and to always remember that nothing is for ‘free’, and that social media doesn’t have to be all about trying to be better than someone else – it is about making genuine connections.

Whilst listening to the presentations I found myself watching the bloggers to see their reactions to what was being said.  It was fabulous to see everyone listening intensely – laughing one minute and wiping away tears the next, all the while taking away the key messages that they personally needed to hear.  There was definitely something for everyone.

How lucky are we to have such wonderful people who are prepared to give up their time and share their knowledge free of charge?

Bloggers United team

I am still blown away at the amazing support that we were offered to help bring the Adelaide Bloggers United event to fruition.  Special mention must go to Heidi from Heidi Who for taking the fabulous photos as I was so busy I forgot to take any, and to the wonderful Rachael from Seawall Apartments.  I cannot imagine any other venue that would have worked as beautifully as Seawall did for our style of event.

A lot of love, sweat and tears went into bringing it all together, but I can honestly say that we are all very proud of what we delivered.  We are also looking forward to watching those blogging and brand relationships that were built on Sunday blossom into something really special and reading lots of blogposts from all of the attendees 🙂

If you attended, what was your favourite part of the day?  Have you ever organised a big event like this?


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      Thanks so much Beth. I loved working with Nici and we are definitely planning on organising some future events as it certainly appeared that everyone had a great day. I think I have finally recovered – 2 weeks later! It was lovely finally meeting you in person and I look forward to catching up again really soon.

  1. says

    As I said on the day, ‘events like that don’t just happen’. I tip my hat to you and Nici, I know how much effort, time, skill and pride went into your organising and that the day ran soooo smoothly is a testament to your efforts. I personally thoroughly enjoyed myself and am so proud of our state and the talent we have here in SA.

    • says

      You are absolutely right that events don’t just happen. It was a lot of work but Nici and I were so pleased with the way the whole day went – even if it has taken me almost 2 weeks to feel like I am back to normal!

      Thank you once again for the wonderful part you played in this event – the attendees are still talking about your inspiring talk.

      Also, congratulations on your recent 2 year Blogiversary 🙂 You have brought so much to your readers over the past 2 years and I really look forward to seeing what the next 2 (and beyond) bring xxx

    • says

      Thanks Ingrid. It really was a fabulous day and it was really pleasing to see that the brands had just as much fun as the bloggers. Nici and I were thrilled to be able to showcase some fabulous South Australian brands and we have only just scratched the surface!

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      Maybe you will have to come down to Adelaide for the next one Janet – I would love to meet you in person 🙂

  2. Trish Drinkwater says

    It sounds brilliant, Kate – well done!!!! You can definitely take a bow as it seems that all your hard work pre event was worth the effort.

    I do hope you are OK after the nasty fall!

    • says

      Thanks Trish. It was a fabulous day and we were SO lucky with the weather. The weekend following was absolutely horrendous with humidity that ended up turning into a huge torrential downpour which would have been exceptionally challenging.

      I am feeling much better after the fall thank you and I am desperately hoping that I don’t have another – 2 are enough!

  3. says

    Gosh Kate, what a mammoth task, but from what I’ve seen on Instagram, it was a RAGING success, so congrats to you and all the BU team! I’m hanging out for the next one in Sydney – might just organise the Monday off so I can be there and finally meet everyone. But poor you having a fall – hope the injury is healing quickly. Fabulous post dear lady – you have such a way with content, layout AND words xxx
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    • says

      Thank you Kats. You should definitely try to get to the next Sydney one as I am sure you will have an absolute ball – plus any excuse for a Monday off I reckon!!

    • says

      Thanks so much Shell. It was a lot of work but Nici and I really enjoyed working with each other and seeing the result of all of the hard work was really rewarding. I have to say though that it has taken quite a bit out of this old duck! It has taken me a couple of weeks to recover 🙂

    • says

      Thanks Louise – it was a great day which was enjoyed by everyone which was especially pleasing for Nici and I 🙂

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    It was so wonderful to be a part of the event Kate and Nici! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it and we so look forward to working with you again xox
    It was great to meet all of the dedicated beauty bloggers and connect with a corner of the bloggersphere we didn’t know about 🙂
    Lots of Love
    Rachael and the Seawall Team

    • says

      It was such a pleasure working with you and the Seawall Team and Nici and I can’t thank you enough for your amazing support.

      We are looking forward to working with you on many more projects xx