New Benefit Brow collection

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to try some samples of the new Benefit brow collection as part of the Benefit #browsquad.  I was sent 4 samples of some of the new range and in today’s post I will give you a quick run down of what I think of them.

Benefit Cosmetics brow squad

Brows have always been important to me and I don’t feel properly groomed unless I have spent some time on them.  I have had my fair share of brow waxing disasters, so over the years I have had to try and rely on lots of products to help draw them on or thicken them up.

I regularly dye my brows with the 1000hr Brow and eyelash tint due to the greys that have started to sprout, but I always define my brows with a pencil and a brow gel to ensure they are ‘on point’.

I was lucky enough to receive a few small samples of some of the new Benefit Brow range which I have been trialling for the couple of weeks and as they are now available to purchase I thought it timely to tell you what I think of them.

Browvo! conditioning primer $49

Benefit Browvo!

This was the one product that I was scratching my head about.  Why would I need to add a brow primer into my routine?  I haven’t felt that I had been missing a primer for my brows but this ended up being the product I was most surprised about.  I really love it.

One pump is enough to do each brow and the clear gel is easily applied by running the fine tooth applicator through your brows to distribute the product.  The gel is quick drying, non sticky, and helps to tame your brows prior to using your brow pencil or pomade.  I use Browvo! before applying my eye makeup to give it a chance to dry before continuing with the rest of my brow routine.

Goof Proof Brow pencil in #2 light $42

Benefit Goof Proof brow bencil in #2 light

Over the years I have dabbled with many brow products and it has only been the last 12 months or so that I have moved to using them in the blonde colour range.  Having medium brown brows led me to believe that was the best colour for me until I spoke with a makeup artist who mentioned that due to my blonde hair a blonde brow product wouldn’t be as harsh as a brown one.  Since swapping to the lighter coloured pencils I have definitely been happier, however it can be difficult to get a blonde pencil that isn’t too red.

I am happy to report that the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil in #2 is not only the perfect blonde but is a dream to apply as it is firm enough to give a sharp defined line without it dragging on my skin.  I love that I can easily draw on individual hairs that look natural as the beginning and the tail end of my brows need thickening in both those areas.  I also have a slight bald patch in the middle of my right brow and this is the perfect product to use there too.  It is worth noting that the full size has a spoolie on the end which definitely helps to groom your brows prior to using the pencil.

Ka Brow! cream gel in light #1 & #2 $42

Benefit Ka Brow! in light #1 & #2

If I am wanting a more full brow I add the Benefit Ka Brow! cream gel into the routine.  I apply this after the brow primer and pencil to help fill in and define my brows.


I adore the packaging of all of the new Benefit brow products, but the design of the Ka-Brow hits the ball out of the park.  The top pulls off and reveals a built in brush which is perfect for touch ups on the go.

Benefit Gimme Brow in light $39

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light

The last product I was sent was my all time favourite ‘brow mascara’ the Gimme Brow.  I have been using the Gimme Brow for at least 2 years and even on days when I am at home I apply a quick swipe through my brows to tame them and add a little colour.

I am a huge fan of the beautiful new packaging of all of the new and improved Brow range and I am 100% sure you will be able to find a product or two to help keep your brows on point.

Benefit products can be found at Adore Beauty and Myer stores nationally and for this month you can score a sample size of the Gimme Brow on the current Elle magazine!

What are your favourite brow products? Do you prefer a pencil, gel or mascara or a combination?