Kate from Seduced by Beauty – a ’40 something’ Aussie Beauty Blogger

Hi I’m Kate

Beauty blogger, fashion lover, keen traveller and jewellery collector.  Oh, and I can sing pretty well too!

I’m a Mum to two gorgeous children, wife to the love of my life and am obsessed with ‘Beauty in its many forms’

Seduced by Beauty was established in 2012 after being encouraged by many who wanted to learn more about the products that worked for me.

I love taking you on a journey to discover more beauty in your life.  Whether it’s traditional beauty products or treatments, travel or a gorgeous piece of lifestyle, I am constantly seduced by anything beautiful.

And so I like to share that seduction with my readers.

I try to find the beauty in every situation and love exploring what that means both in my own life and that of my readers.

Thank you for coming along for the ride and for sharing yourselves in my little spot in the blogosphere.

Seduced by Beauty – More than Skin Deep

Xx Kate