Moxie Box Club

That time of the month. I don’t know about you, but the excitement of ‘becoming a woman’ which was heralded in my early teens has definitely worn off after all of these years. But, I do love receiving packages in the mail.  Doesn’t everyone? This week I received an email from Moxie as I am […]

Lust Have It November 2014

It has been a while since I have reviewed a Lust Have It box but this month’s deserves a post.  I love every item in it and I was thrilled to receive it via Express Post which meant that I wasn’t weeks behind everyone else. Whilst I had felt that Lust Have It had lost […]

Beauty Edit–the new box on the block

I love surprises. They drive me completely nuts – but I love the excitement of opening a parcel and having absolutely no idea what is in it. This is why I love beauty boxes so much. There are problems with beauty boxes though.  Often you will hear of people complaining that they don’t like skincare […]

Lust Have It February ‘14

Well February has been quite the month for Lust Have It! boxes.  I received my January and my February one. As you have probably heard, Lust Have It! had some issues with their warehouse during January so that meant that a lot of their subscribers didn’t receive their box until February. I didn’t do a […]

2013 Favourites

I can hardly believe that it is already the middle of January and I haven’t managed to post my Favourites from 2013. It has been extremely difficult culling the 100’s of products that I wanted to include, but I think I finally managed to get it down to a reasonable number.  I am also mindful […]

Lust Have It–November 2013

Just before I went away for a long weekend my friendly postie delivered my November Lust Have it box. It is always a good day when my Lust Have It arrives – especially when I haven’t stumbled across any reviews prior to receiving it So what is in this month’s box? Aveda Tourmaline Charged Hydrating […]

Lust Have It–Bridal Party Box

As a lover of sample subscription boxes I was thrilled to be sent the newest installment in the Lust Have It camp – the Bridal party box. This gorgeous box has over $200 worth of products for the bargain price of $ 50 and includes lots of products which will make you glow on your […]