1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit

In the interests of saving money I have been looking at ways that I can cut my beauty budget without looking like I have I have reduced my visits to the beauty salon, I’ve stretched out my hair appointments, and I have been doing as many beauty routines as I can in the comfort of […]

Lancome at David Jones

Last week I was invited to visit the Lancome counter in the newly refurbished David Jones, Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Over the last 12 months we have seen the refurbishment of both the Myer and David Jones Rundle Mall stores, and we have been lucky to see many brands increase their offerings along with the arrival […]

Anti-ageing with a difference–Reserve

Do you believe that you are what you eat? This well known saying certainly has resonance with me (most of the time).  It does sometimes allude me when those chocolate cravings take over though Have you considered injesting your anti-ageing products? The latest scientific studies have shown that the key active ingredient in red wine […]

Cleverwhite dissolving teeth whitening strips

I love Hollywood smiles.  The gorgeous white shiny teeth that blind you every time they smile. There are many things that the Hollywood stars do in the name of beauty that I definitely wouldn’t, but when I was offered the opportunity to try the CleverWhite dissolving whitening strips I thought ‘why not?’ I dabbled in […]

My skin care regime whilst unwell

The last few days have been pretty dreadful.  I’ve been sick with a horrible virus which has completely knocked me for six.  My energy has been at an all time low and my ability to work on the computer has been pretty non-existent. I have had to cancel a Micro-dermabrasion and remedial massage at Endota […]