Favourites September/October 2014

Wow.  Another 2 months have gone by and I haven’t uploaded a Favourites video I do have a good excuse though.   What with Emily’s 21st and my health scare and countless Dr’s appointments, I have been ‘running on empty’. So, today’s post features the products that I have loved throughout September and October. So lets […]

5 products to help you get a better sleep

I don’t know about this cooler weather. I am finding it difficult to sleep and I have been waking up in the morning anything but refreshed. So this week I have been pulling out all stops to try to get my body clock back into sync. One of the hardest things for me to do […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide part 2–candles & fragrance

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to ask for something that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself.  I absolutely adore burning essential oils and candles when I am at home and always find that having a beautiful aroma around me when I am writing helps the words to flow. In part 2 of my gift guide […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–Part 1

February means one thing – Valentine’s Day. Whilst I am pretty cynical when it comes to the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day, it does mean lots of beautiful products and packs from our favourite beauty brands. So, I have chosen a few of my favourites to share with you – and your ‘significant others’ if you […]

January 2014 Favourites

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I am going to make one that I really hope I can keep. I am going to try to do a Favourites video every month in 2014   I had good intentions last year but the wheels kind of fell off! Anyway, here is what I […]

Blogstars prize pack

Just before Christmas I received my huge prize from Beauty Heaven for winning the Mummy Blogger category in their Blogstars competition.  I had been waiting for 4 months so I was absolutely thrilled when it finally arrived. I have been asked by a few readers to share with you the amazing goodies that I received […]

Beauty Travelling Tips Part 1

I am going on holiday this week and I can’t wait!  My husband and I ran a business together for many years which prevented us from having holidays, except the 4 days at Easter, so now that we don’t have the business we are planning on having some! Whenever I am going on holiday I […]

David Jones Beauty Book 2013–Thrifty Thursday

I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love a bargain so for this weeks Thrifty Thursday I am going to show you some of the offerings in the David Jones Beauty Book that have caught my eye. If you are unfamiliar with the David Jones beauty book, it is a book that comes out […]