5 beauty products I steal from my husband

Beauty products I steal from my husband

Anyone who knows me will say that I am a ‘girly girl’ and I will be in shock reading the title of this blog post – 5 beauty products I steal from my husband. I LOVE feminine clothing, accessories and makeup.  In fact, anything pretty. What may surprise you is there are a few products […]

Travel Favourites Part 1 – Haircare, Skincare & Fragrance

My favourite haircare products for travel

I can hardly believe that it is over a month ago that Mr SBB and I returned from our amazing European trip.  We had an absolute ball and Italy has definitely won my heart. Whilst I was away I realised that it has been far too long in between videos, so I have decided to […]

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System

I know that it is hard for most of us in the Southern Hemisphere to believe that there is an end in sight from this very cold Winter, but we are only days away from the official first day of Spring.  All I can say is ‘thank goodness’! I am 100% over Winter and cannot […]

5 Volumising shampoos and conditioners from budget to Salon

We all have them – the products that we fall in love with only to find out that they are discontinued. We mourn their loss and then hunt to find a new love.  Sadly this is often easier said than done. Often we don’t have the funds to keep trying product after product.  What do […]

Teenager part 3–Hair Removal

Hair removal for teenagers

Brought to you by Veet Recently I have been asked about what I would recommend for a teenager who wishes to start removing their body hair. This can be an area of great debate when you are the parent of a teenage daughter as your child suddenly seems self conscious about EVERYTHING.  Things that have […]

Easter bliss

I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful Easter weekend. Some of you will have been working to keep those of us who have the weekend off occupied whether it is through food, fashion or activities.  Some of you have been working to keep us safe through the medical field or in the forces.  […]

January/February 2015 Monthly Favourites

As I was a bit late with my 2014 Favourites I am a bit behind with the monthly favourites.  Woops!  The year is just flying by. For the months of January and February I have a few new products that I have been loving, along with a couple of products that have been in my […]

Best of 2014– Part 1 Skin/Nails/Body/Hair/Fragrance

When compiling my ‘Best of’ post I realised that it was going to be a mammoth list.  I have had the luxury of trialling many fabulous products throughout 2014 and narrowing them down was a considerable feat. Because of this I have decided to break it down into 2 parts. Today’s post features the ‘Best […]