5 beauty products I steal from my husband

Beauty products I steal from my husband

Anyone who knows me will say that I am a ‘girly girl’ and I will be in shock reading the title of this blog post – 5 beauty products I steal from my husband. I LOVE feminine clothing, accessories and makeup.  In fact, anything pretty. What may surprise you is there are a few products […]

Teenager part 3–Hair Removal

Hair removal for teenagers

Brought to you by Veet Recently I have been asked about what I would recommend for a teenager who wishes to start removing their body hair. This can be an area of great debate when you are the parent of a teenage daughter as your child suddenly seems self conscious about EVERYTHING.  Things that have […]

How to transition into Spring

I don’t know about you but I am completely over the cold weather.  We have had our first taste of Spring here in Adelaide over the last few days and I cannot wait until the warmer weather is here permanently. With the change in season it is a good opportunity to switch out your heavy […]

Blogstars prize pack

Just before Christmas I received my huge prize from Beauty Heaven for winning the Mummy Blogger category in their Blogstars competition.  I had been waiting for 4 months so I was absolutely thrilled when it finally arrived. I have been asked by a few readers to share with you the amazing goodies that I received […]

Eyebrow disaster AGAIN!

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. As you would probably know, well-groomed defined eyebrows are one of the keys to  frame the face and make you look ‘complete’. I know how important it is to have your eyebrows look perfect and I definitely want the attention on them and not my huge frown […]

Favourites of 2012

What a year it was!  I am choosing to think of 2012 as a learning year about what is really important, and to look forward to 2013 with renewed energy and focus to achieve the goals that I have set for both our family and Seduced by Beauty. I am not glad that 2012 is […]