Makeup for a month in Europe

Makeup for a European vacation

Recently I shared with you the skincare, haircare and fragrances that I took on our fabulous trip so now it is time for my makeup for a month in Europe. I spent considerable time prior to leaving choosing the products to make the cut, and I am happy to report that every product was used […]

An end of an era

Friday 11th of December 2015 was a very significant day in my life. I said a sad farewell and happy retirement to a mentor who discovered and nurtured my singing voice. Not many of you will know, but I left home at the age of 12 to attend a boarding school in Adelaide.  I came […]

I’m Mad

Bullies behind keyboards are still bullies

I’m mad.. Why are people so happy to sit behind their keyboards and attack those who are trying to share a little positivity and beauty in our lives?  Why do people have to try to twist a perfectly innocent photo into an opportunity to berate that person? One of my post’s last week was about […]

Travel Favourites Part 1 – Haircare, Skincare & Fragrance

My favourite haircare products for travel

I can hardly believe that it is over a month ago that Mr SBB and I returned from our amazing European trip.  We had an absolute ball and Italy has definitely won my heart. Whilst I was away I realised that it has been far too long in between videos, so I have decided to […]