Truly Listening

This post has been brewing in me for the last six months so it is time to just let it all out. Over the last six months I have become much more intune as to the way people interact with each other. I am not exactly ‘people watching’ but I have found myself observing people’s […]


Do you have days when you find yourself reminiscing about times past? I am having one of those days today and I think that it is because my birthday is coming up soon.  I don’t normally think about it, but this year is a minor milestone.  I am going to be 45 (oh the horror!) […]

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

As a woman, do you find yourself focussing on the areas of yourself that you are most unhappy about? I do.  I have this inner voice that tells me that I have big thighs and that I have huge wrinkles that shine out like beacons to everyone who sees me (just to name a few […]

Bio-Oil donates $5 per story to ‘Look Good … Feel Better’

Back in October I wrote a piece about the fabulous work that the Look Good Feel Better Foundation does to help support patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy to help them restore their self image and appearance whilst undergoing their treatment. If you read my post in October 2012 you will know that our […]