5 beauty products I steal from my husband

Beauty products I steal from my husband

Anyone who knows me will say that I am a ‘girly girl’ and I will be in shock reading the title of this blog post – 5 beauty products I steal from my husband. I LOVE feminine clothing, accessories and makeup.  In fact, anything pretty. What may surprise you is there are a few products […]

January & February 2016 Favourites

Clarins 02 Pretty Night eyeshadow palette

It has been AGES since I did a proper monthly favourites post. So with no further adieu I share with you my January and February 2016 favourites. Make-up Studio DD Miracle Cream in Natural $ 64.90 Being a blonde, fair skinned Aussie my skin has no hope of a gorgeous tan so I have to […]

5 products I really missed whilst travelling

Now that we have been back a few weeks, I have been reflecting on the things that I missed whilst we were away. There are obvious ones such as the children, our dog, our friends etc, but there were quite a few items that I use on a regular basis that I couldn’t wait to […]

Head & Heart August 2015

Apologies for missing a few installments of Head & Heart but regular readers will know that we had a sad time with the passing of my Father-in-law. But I am back on track now so let’s get cracking. What am I grateful for? So many things. When you lose someone you love it really puts […]

Head and Heart–April 2015

Last month I started a new series on Seduced by Beauty – Head and Heart.  I loved writing the post and the feedback has been lovely so it is time for April’s installment. What am I grateful for? If you follow me on Facebook, you will have seen that I have continued to have quite […]

March 2015 Favourites

In the blink of an eye March has whizzed by and we are into the second quarter of the year!  With Easter being early this year it seems incredible that we have already eaten hot cross buns and Easter eggs when it only seems a few weeks ago that we were eating our Christmas dinner! […]

Head and Heart–March 2015

There is something in the air. I’m sure of it. Normally I am extremely settled and level headed and feel in control. For the last month or so, I haven’t been feeling that way at all. Yes, there have been life events that have knocked me off my axis and left me feeling fragile but […]