Makeup for a month in Europe

Makeup for a European vacation

Recently I shared with you the skincare, haircare and fragrances that I took on our fabulous trip so now it is time for my makeup for a month in Europe. I spent considerable time prior to leaving choosing the products to make the cut, and I am happy to report that every product was used […]

Makeup Favourites 2014

I know this is REALLY late but I promised a makeup favourites for 2014 and I have finally uploaded it – better late than never! So without further adieu here they are: L’Oreal True Match Foundation (reviewed here) This is by far the best drugstore foundation that I have trialled.  From first application I was […]

Travel makeup–cool weather edition

It is that time of the year again – HOLIDAY time! Last year Mr SBB and I went to Bali as part of a getaway for his 50th birthday.  As you would expect the weather was hot and humid and I needed the correct products to ensure that it didn’t all slide off throughout the […]

July Favourites 2013

As a beauty blogger I am obsessed with trying different products.  I love trying the latest in the beauty world and also exploring some of the golden oldies. I have decided to do a monthly round up of my favourites for the month so you can see what I have been trialling and loving. Here […]

Beauty travelling tips Part 2–makeup

Peter Thomas Roth SPF45 mineral sunscreen

It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was in paradise, swimming in my private pool, enjoying my meals being cooked for me and having a driver at my disposal. Oh what a difference a few weeks makes! Before I went on holiday I shared this video with you showing you […]

Matthew’s formal and Madeline’s makeup

As a proud Mum to 2 gorgeous children there are certain milestones which have considerable significance.  Learning to walk and talk, first day at school, losing their first tooth, learning to drive and our latest, the Year 12 formal. Our youngest, Matthew, is currently doing Year 12.  I can’t even begin to tell you how […]

Do you have a foundation wardrobe?

What exactly is a foundation wardrobe? It is what I like to call my selection of different foundations that have found a home in my beauty cabinet. Finding the best foundation for your skin and colouring is one of the most important items of makeup in your ‘arsenal’. There is nothing worse than seeing someone […]

Favourites of 2012

What a year it was!  I am choosing to think of 2012 as a learning year about what is really important, and to look forward to 2013 with renewed energy and focus to achieve the goals that I have set for both our family and Seduced by Beauty. I am not glad that 2012 is […]

Bourjois & Priceline Gift with purchase

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a love of Gift with Purchases – GWP. One of my new favourite brands Bourjois has ‘seduced’ me twice in the last 2 months with their fabulous GWP offerings and it is with these GWP’s that my love affair with the brand continues. The latest GWP […]