Mystery mascara

There is nothing I love more than a surprise package.  What could it be?  Who sent it to me?  Is it something I have been lusting after for ages? A week or so ago I received a surprise package in the mail which when opened revealed a sample sized mascara but with no markings on […]

Max Factor 1970’s Beauty Transformation

Do you ever wish that you looked like someone else? I haven’t – although I have wished that I could have Miranda Kerr’s body, Angelina Jolie’s lips and Kate Hudsons hair I am never going to have those things – but I do like getting inspired by photographs that I see in magazines, or makeup […]

5 essential products to help with the heat

It is an absolute scorcher here in Adelaide.  Our overnight low was 31 and we are expecting 43 degrees today! I am spending it at home, writing and relaxing in front of the air-conditioner but I thought I would share the 5 essential products to help with the heat. VS Sassoon hairdryer I wash my […]

Arbonne Cosmetics featuring Emily

As you have probably realised already – I am a makeup addict. Nothing is quite as fabulous as brand new products waiting to be used for the first time. I love swatching new lipsticks and eyeshadows and can get lost for hours on the cosmetic floor of David Jones and Myer.  I feel a huge […]

Can a girl have too many …..?

  Today I did what I swore I wouldn’t do until the end of the year. I had no control.  I just had to have it.  It was such a bargain. What did I do? I bought yet another mascara!  You must be thinking, is that all?  Well, let me explain myself. I currently have […]