An unusual outcome from saving

coming back with two thirds of my holiday money

Something very interesting has changed in me over the past year. It all started when we booked our trip to Europe.  I love holidays and love buying special momentos as reminders of our trips, so once the holiday was booked I really started to save. You will have read this post where I explained my […]

Makeup for a month in Europe

Makeup for a European vacation

Recently I shared with you the skincare, haircare and fragrances that I took on our fabulous trip so now it is time for my makeup for a month in Europe. I spent considerable time prior to leaving choosing the products to make the cut, and I am happy to report that every product was used […]

I’ve missed you

Wow – Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? We have just returned from the most wonderful trip to Italy and the UK and it was everything that we hoped it would be … and more. We have eaten pasta, pizza and gelati by the bucketload, completely walked our feet off, stared in wonder […]


It is finally here. Mr SBB and I are on our way to Italy and the UK for a month long holiday of exploring, eating and shopping. I am planning on having a break from posting but will be sharing photos of our adventures on Facebook and Instagram so would love if you joined me […]

Head and Heart–March 2015

There is something in the air. I’m sure of it. Normally I am extremely settled and level headed and feel in control. For the last month or so, I haven’t been feeling that way at all. Yes, there have been life events that have knocked me off my axis and left me feeling fragile but […]