Hairy problem solved – Part 3

  As you would be aware from my previous posts, I have been trialling the Veet Easy wax electrical roll-on kit which states that it gives you ‘Salon wax results at home’.     I used this approximately 14 days ago and am delighted with the results that I have achieved.  I used the wax […]

Hairy problem–part 2

  Ok, so the time has come for me to ‘bare all’. I confess that it has probably been about 3 to 4 weeks since my legs were subjected to the ‘torturer’ (Translation – epilator).  I have kept my legs warm and toasty in opaque tights and long boots and every time that I put […]

A bit of a hairy problem–Part 1

  CONFESSION TIME…… Ok, it is time to admit that I have let myself go over the winter.  Wearing tights, long boots and long woolly socks has led to a bit of a problem that I call ‘hairy stockings’. I have recently learnt that there is a bit of a movement happening where women are […]